Why You Need The Essential Physical Therapy Choices

physical therapy

The chiropractor is a first-line health professional that you can consult without medical advice because he is trained to recognize risk situations and make his own diagnosis. If there are absolute contraindications to certain chiropractic procedures such as a structural adjustment on a recent fracture, the chiropractor has various tools and is able to modulate the care to adapt it to the case of each patient according to his age and its physical conditions. In our example, he will be able to work at a distance from the fracture to release the self-healing force of the body, which alone is responsible for bone consolidation. For physical therapy this is important.

History of chiropractic

It was in 1895 that the American Daniel-David Palmer accidentally discovered chiropractic by making hearing to a man named Harvey Lilliard deaf for 17 years after hearing a strange noise behind his back while bending over. DD Palmer wondering what could be the link between the back and hearing examined the spine of the man and felt a protrusion there which he sought to reduce until a noise similar to that heard 17 years sooner is perceived. Sometime later, the man recovered full hearing.

DD Palmer stated then if a vertebral subluxation could have caused deafness, is it not possible that other subluxations are at the origin of other diseases? Since progress has not ceased to be made, various techniques have been developed but the primary principle remains the same: that of restoring the circulation of nerve impulses thus allowing the vital force or innate intelligence to operate.

Next is BJ Palmer, son of DD. who contributed to the development of the profession by developing chiropractic research and by opening in 1910 the first school: the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport.

Today it is estimated that more than 100,000 the number of chiropractors around the world and just 1,000 referenced to the Regional Health Agency, placing it in the rank of 3rd health profession in the world behind doctors and dentists, the 1st manual health profession in the world and the so-called alternative health profession. It is also the only alternative health profession approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The specialist’s opinion

We were conceived with a maximum vital potential but very quickly interference settles on our nervous system between us and our vital potential. These interferences originate from our deleterious lifestyle habits in the 6 essential areas of our life that are our ways of moving, resting, eating, drinking, breathing and above all thinking.

physical therapy

Why especially the latter?

It is because we are often aware of the impact of the other 5 but easily forget the importance of our way of thinking. Your chiropractor is of course attentive to your problems but it is what your body will indicate to him as a priority that he will give the most importance. After having lifted session after session the interferences essential to the expression of your innate intelligence, it will direct you towards maintaining this health by helping you to take care of yourself.

Symptoms will disappear naturally as they came, most often gradually as they will no longer be needed. Indeed, symptoms as diverse as they are only there to make you react, to alert you that it is time for a change. Listen to them because you are responsible for your health, the most precious good that you were given at birth.