Why is Santa more famous? Why he gives gifts to the children?

letter from santa clause
  • Many ancient stories had said that Santa clause the man who can fly around the world in a single night. He was a Christianity religion, and for long years his parents had no children.
  • Praying god had increased day by day by their parents. After his birth, within a few days, his parents had died due to some epidemic issues.
  • And there was a bishop uncle whom he was grown up. His bishop uncle had no children with him, so he adapts Nicholson, and he starts growing him. At an early age, his uncle had thought that Nicholson would bring and make people happy. Like the same when he grows up, he made people happy by helping others. And he feels more impressive when he makes children laugh. So, he always wishes to give some gifts, letters, and some chocolates.letter from santa clause has more fan base from children. Children’s felt happy to receive a letter from Santa. He helped more too low people whatever he can.
  • This creates more sympathy from the people’s side.
  • Nicholas is a simple and ordinary person who helps poor people when they need it. People had a rumour thought in the town since Nicholas seems to be in many places. They all believed that Nicholas might have some magical power with him.
  • Still, now there is not mentioned in the bible too that Jesus was born on 25th December. It is just guessing most of the people. This is the reason for 25th December was celebrated as Christmas. But that day, the angel has told people about the birth of Jesus. This news by the angel makes the people happier. So, the day was celebrated as Christmas.
  • On this memorable day, everyone has the habit of placing the Christmas tree in the central hall by decorating with lights and some full-colour balls. In some places, you can see Christmas parades. They all wish one another by saying the word merry Christmas. Turkey is the most popular food at the time of Christmas. As a family, they all sit together and start eating their meal. Like this, the day will be over. The pleasant surprise will be at the next morning of Christmas night. Santa clause has the habit of giving some gifts to the children within the night.

Can Only Christians get Santa letters?

letter from santa clause

To make a memorable day, the traditional still now some websites send letters to the children like Santa’s letter. Not only have the message, but they also gave some gifts to the children. Without Santa’s letter, the celebration will always be incomplete. If you also wish your children to get Santa’s letter, write your message and send it to North Pole to Santa address at the month starting. You should send the letter soon only that your children can receive it at correct timing. Not only Christians, but every child can also get Santa’s message with gifts. Suppose you want to make a memorable Christmas, start writing a letter, and send it to the North Pole. For further address details, visit the official websites of the free Santa letter.