Where and why we should do the tip

how much to tip

There are many ways for giving the tip and we have to know everything about tipping. A tip we give to the people depends on the place or person we face. How we can do the tip is very straight and easy to do with. We can tip to many people in various ranges and they are

  • Porters
  • Doormen
  • Drivers
  • Tour guides
  • Waiters
  • Housekeeping
  • Watchman
  • Bouncers
  • Etc

You have to make the money to be very valuable and what you pay in the area and the person should be very notable. We may go across to various places and you come across many people daily in society. In that tip, you can give the person and how much to tip to the person is very important.

how much to tip

How to pay the tip:

There is much confusion in tipping and here we are giving to break all the rules and main points about tipping are going to do the things.

We are going to see much you give the tip to the country like Spain and the USA. In a country like Spain, it is very appreciated to give the tip but they would not expect for that tip. In Spain, waiters are probably earning more than other countries. So, there is no expectation from the waiters to pay the amount to them as a tip in the country like Spain but if we turn back to the country like the USA there the waiters range you in the way you give the tip. They probably expect very much from this trip. If you go to the Spain restaurants you can pay the least of 1 euro then it is more appreciable to them.

They will never expect the amount you pay or what amount you pay for them. If you pay the amount then they take it as that will be gratitude and showing that sign of good cause from their point of view. But in the USA the waiter’s expectation is very high whatever their service will be. Whether that is daytime or night time you can pay a very little amount to in Spain. But in the USA you should give a decent amount in the morning time and in the evening or night time you have to pay more amount then you pay in the morning.

If you pay low at a time and when you go to the same place next time you will face a very bad greeting in the restaurants. That will be a very bad manner we face in a country like the USA. But in Spain, if you give the tip or not there will be no bad manners for them. They serve the food in a good and humble way. And we feel very happy to eat there again and again. That is why people love to go to Spain and enjoy the food in hotels.

These are the places and how to do the tip in various countries. By this, you understand how to do the tip.