What to consider when choosing a washing machine

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How this phrase warms the soul of women. And a few years ago, washing clothes was a matter of fact; rather, we say this with a washing machine, and we recall with a shudder how we used to wash our hands with blood to wash clothes by hand. Of course, washing machines were before, but what is this “washer” with a motor and a “propeller” that turns the water in a typewriter? And still, the clothes had to be caressed and pressed. Now you only need to put the laundry in the drum, fill the containers for powder and rinse aid, select the wash mode and press the start button and watch TV; the machine will do everything for you. In Top Quality Electronics this is the best deal now.

Top Quality Electronics

With the advent of modern automatic washing machines, only a headache has been added. What model to choose from a huge number of proposed? To make the right choice, you need to know what you want from the car.

The first thing to consider is the layout of the room where your washing machine will stand. It is important to choose the washing machine load, either frontal (sideloading) or vertical (top loading). Top-loading washing machines are a good option for those who value every square meter in the house. The quality of washing, they do not differ from the frontal machines. It is also different from the front of the machine, the location of the control buttons, they are on top, so if you have a small child, then you cannot worry about the work of the machine and the health of the child, the baby will not be able to intervene in the laundry.

Frontal washing machine, if you have it is not large, you can put under the sink. But again, I repeat, it all depends on the space you have.

The volume of the drum should be chosen based on how many people are in your family if 3-4 people, then you should choose a drum with a capacity of 4.5-5 kg ​​of dry linen. In other cases, it is worth taking 5-7 kg of dry linen. It is also important to know what material the tank is made of (capacity in which the drum is located) of the washing machine. The drum is always made of stainless steel, and the tank can be made of composite materials (carboran, polinox, polyplex, etc.), stainless and enameled steel. Stainless steel has long established itself as a reliable and durable material; its minus is only the noise that it creates when working.

Carbon, polinoks, polyplex have lower quality but sufficient wear resistance and are less noisy due to the absorption of vibrations, and also have a high coefficient of thermal insulation.

Wash programs

Now new washing machines are produced with 3-4 types of programs for washing different types of linen: linen and cotton, synthetics, wool, and silk. There are also a huge number of additional options (quick wash, soak, extra rinse, half load, etc.). The number of installed functions depends on the manufacturer of the washing machine.