What Metal Signs are Designed for and How

Metal Signs

The Metal Signs , on the other hand, are panels that fully reflect their name but cannot be illuminated. They are among the solutions currently most appreciated by restaurateurs because they have a lower cost than the luminous signs but are also considered more fashionable and more suitable for the era in which we are living. Metal signs are monobloc panels of synthetic material that are engraved or colored with a high resistance pigmentation, capable of lasting very long. You can choose the metal sign for a restaurant in any color, size and any graphics you want: all your ideas can be made.

Examples of menu display for outdoor and indoor use

Until now there has been talked of signs and plaques for restaurants, but in reality, these are not the only tools available to you to promote your restaurant to the outside world. In fact, among the best solutions you can use, restaurant displays occupy a prominent place.

Metal Signs

Aluminum Menu Holder Display: To easily change your communication

Restaurant displays are structures, usually in aluminum or metal, which allow you to highlight a particular product. In the chicest restaurants they are mainly used to enhance some wines in the cellar, but they are so versatile that they can be easily chosen for any product in your restaurant that deserves greater attention. Being an exhibition solution, the aim of which is, therefore, the exaltation to show certain peculiarities, restaurant displays can be illuminated with LED technology to give an even more elegant and refined appearance to the whole context. Exhibitors for restaurants may also include those for menus: by law, in fact, in your restaurant, you must necessarily display the menu outside (notice boards or trestles) to give the potential customer the opportunity to choose or not your venue based at its cost. Also, in this case, the display cases or exhibitors are design solutions, which can easily accommodate your price list.

Signage for restaurants

One last factor of significant importance remains the communication provided through restaurant signage. Whether it’s indoor signage or outdoor signage, descriptive, informative or simply demonstrative (through a study of icons), the task of signage is to guide and guide your customer within your room.

We do not always find the waiter at the entrance of a restaurant that shows you the path to the hall or private areas: toilets, areas used for the assistance of the little ones, offices, stairs to the upper floors.

There are thousands of similar examples, such as to make you fully understand, what is the real value to be attributed to a beautiful, simple and accurate line of signs. There are basically two principles for which restaurant signs are merged, the first of a functional nature and the second aesthetic:

Help the individual who is looking for something by saving him time to waste asking for information, welcoming him in a state of comfort.

Enhance the brand of your restaurant


Sometimes, the choice of the customer is not only based on the price but also on how the products are presented and the needle of the scale can easily lean towards you if you choose the best solutions for the image and communication that you used starting from a fantastic restaurant sign.