What Kind of Effective Anime Options for You


The creative level of Pixar Animation Company in the United States, from “Toy Story”, “Bug Crisis”, “Monster Company” to “Underwater Story” has innovative consciousness and rich imagination. They told the story of a completely different world. For example, the scream of a child in Monster Company turned out to be the source of energy for the monster world, and the door was a bridge connecting that world, and the door could be used as a roller coaster. You can go for the https://gogoanime.digital/all-tv-series there.


Creative Views

Pixar’s animation is full of vitality, as they once concluded: developing a story is like archeology, finding a place where you think the story may be buried, and then digging until it is found. This allowed Pixar to become a leading animation company. A lively and interesting story is the premise of making a lively, lively and exciting animation.

Humor in Films

Humor is a special comedic factor in life and art that makes the story more interesting. Humorous characters are often funny characters and play an important role in setting off the main character and adjusting the rhythm and atmosphere of the movie. It can leave a deep impression, full of laughter. The humorous character design is even more vivid in “Ice Age”, and all characters, whether they are Zhuang or harmonious, can make people laugh.

The first is that the squirrel’s perseverance on pine cones throughout the whole story triggers the story. Followed by three good friends: Mammoth Elephant Manny, big and hairy, but kind-hearted but mean to humans; Saber-toothed Tiger Diego looks fierce, and often does n’t talk or interject, but always speaks amazing; trees Lazy Sid is always chattering, an optimistic look, but actually has a low self-esteem. The three strange animals came together unexpectedly and continued humor along the way.

The third is the main story characters added in each department: human infants, mammoth girls and opossum brothers, Tyrannosaurus rex and one-eyed weasel. Fourth, the characters involved in various ministries, such as the rhino who lost dandelion, the elephant dad’s family who is not yet “extinct” and the vultures waiting for corpses, all make the story laughter. Humorous language interaction also adds a lot of color to anime. For example, in “Crayon Shinchan”, the speakers and listeners have different perceptions of language, and the characters’ dialogues produce humor. For example, Xiaoxin asked the owner of the fish shop “Do you have soy sauce for sale?” Upon learning that it was not, then asked “Do you have wasabi for sale?” The answer is still not, Xiaoxin is angry, saying “Dare to open a shop without anything”. Xiaoxin’s specific logic and expressions make people unbearable.

Action Animation

Exaggerated action expressions and deformations are unique to animation. Animation has the advantage of non-real situations accepted by the audience. In animation, it can exaggerate and deform the image of the animation. Familiar animals or characters become unusual, giving people a pleasant thrill and entertainment, in line with people’s expectations for strange scenes. Deformation is a formal feature of anime art. It is an exaggeration of certain features involving the object to the extent that it completely destroys the proportion of the entire body of the object and achieves the effect of entertainment. “Tom and Cat” often shows Tom completely deformed. The audience is also attracted by this novel and interesting, forgetting the rules and common sense of life, and immersed in the world of animation.