What are the pros and cons of wooden rings?

engraved wood ring

The ring is a band in a circular manner, which is plated with silver, gold, or some other precious metal and also with decorative material such as gems, stones, etc.. It is used to symbolize fidelity, status, authority, and commitments.

According to this, the wooden ring is exceptional for everyone, and now we used to discuss the pros and cons of engraved wood ring

engraved wood ring


  • Affordability- the wooden ring’s cost will be cheaper when compared to gold, platinum, etc…
  • Durable- the durable of the wooden ring is due to three reason they are

The ring making of blank method-they use very sharp tool to make a correct figure of the ring

Finish – The finishing of the ring will be very shining before they use the method of polishing

Method: At last, they polish the ring and give an adopted color, which is very attractive.

  • Hypo allergy- some people suffer an allergy due to gold, metal, etc. This will be comfortable to use.


  • Regular un keeping

The ring should not be scratched, and also they may get encapsulated. So it should be very safe.


There are three parts to the ring. They are

  • Shoulders
  • Bezel
  • Hoop or circle.

The hoop has circular in manner, cross-sectional one, semi-circular even it can be shaped like a flat band. Shoulders consist of enlarging a complete circle to support the bezel, or it is also said to be thickening. The bezel is a part of the ring which is present at the top. This may be flat, which is designed in holding the ornament or gem. The first rings are found in place of Egypt tombs. During the nineteenth century, distinctions in tradition the type of ring have been broken. This is used to provide the ring in all types, which will inspire the person. The modern rings, which are made-up of the machine, consist of silver, gold, and the features with a diamond, which is said to be standard or other gems ( a more precious one ). The peoples used to wear the ring for the incidents that happened in their lives, for example, betrothal, fidelity, and an adornment.


Bead is usually a small and round object in which it is made up of nut, bone, shell, seed, metal, wood, glass for the stringing which is pierced. Among the primitive, beads are worn for purposes like decorative and magical way. There will be a little variation in material and as well as in shapes. In Arab, the blue single talismanic bead is attached to automobiles, brides, children, animals, etc… As the bead earns a piece of information about the pattern in a cultural manner and ancient trade.


The granulation is a type of jewelry in which they used to decorate the ring using tinny balls and minute grains of gold in which it is applied geometrically for decoration. It is first practiced by the Greeks in the age of Mycenaean, which had a great result in a creamy texture. This granulation is widespread in India, Southern Asia, Persia with the contact of the Roman Empire. The ring is not only for modern purposes. It is used to symbolize each thing in life, which is happening.