What are Superfood and Raw food?


What is a superfoods or Rawfoods again? You are being thrown to death at the moment. Why should you use this type of product? It is certainly the newest craze or hype in the eating area. So you secretly wanted to know more about it, and maybe you did too. It always makes me so curious. So what is Superfood and Rawfood now and what is the difference anyway? Here is the detail is written down for you what experts have discovered.



They are foods whose nutritional values ​​are much higher than with other foods. They often contain high concentrations of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and anti-oxidants. They are often pure and ripened by the sun. Superfoods are also usually foods that we were not (very) familiar with because they often come from abroad. These foods would also be centuries old. Some Superfoods are also said to have medicinal effects, but these are often not scientifically proven. Here is a selection from the large list of Superfoods: Chia seeds, Inca Berries, Wheatgrass, Raw Cacao, Hemp seed, Coconut oil, and much more. It is very nice if such a product can provide extra energy and that it also works as an anti-oxidant and has more fine side effects. You may already notice the benefits of wheatgrass.

Raw food

Is food that has not been exposed to a temperature above 42 degrees Celsius? This saves a large part of the vitamins and energy and therefore, the power of the food. Raw food is also of vegetable origin. It consists of various fruits, seeds, grains, vegetables, grasses, and nuts. This means no meat, fish, or dairy. Superfoods can, therefore, also be used as Raw foods. Many of these are made or obtained without the food having been heated above 42 degrees Celsius. You prepare your Raw food with the various nutrients from the Raw Food Pyramid. It is so versatile that you cannot even think of what you can make in this way. You may think it can certainly be healthier.

All these foods are healthy and natural foods. Superfoods are fun to supplement your regular diet, and Rawfood is a lifestyle of its own. You will, therefore, not accept the latter so quickly. But you would like to mix Raw food with your regular food. You wonder if you already eat something like Raw food or if you use Superfood? And what do you think? Now you know at least a little more about these latest food trends.

Superfood is currently the most popular term and hype in the field of healthy food. Although it is just a marketing term, and there is no formal definition of a superfood, the term refers to foods that are super or exceptionally healthy. But does that exist?

How superfood could arise

The concept of superfoodwhatever you count in it does not essentially differ from the healthy diet promoted by the Voedingscentrum. Both assume that there is a universally healthy diet and that health is an intrinsic property of food. As a result, any food can be healthier or less healthy than any other food, which has opened the door for super healthy foods.