Watch movies on!!


Before you call me a total moron for the reason, I love watch web series or movies more than novel, the reason is

First of all, this website offers you a free of the cost user account which is unbelievable! Like you are literally watching movies without paying a single penny which isn’t even possible if you are going to any nearby theatre hall. offer you “over 200 channels” and more than 200 movies excluding web series which you can get just a guest account.


You can spend your free time watching exclusive series and new and old movies whichever you want to choose in order to pass your time. Their instant streaming service is something, you can’t resist yourself rather love.



Features they offer
With every movie and episode of any web series, they will offer you English subtitle so that you can understand properly. You can even watch on your android tv just by connecting with your phone. It has no commercials like you don’t have to face unnecessary ads in between your show. They have different categories to offer like horror, thriller, an action so that you can choose easily without any hesitation.


Benefits & Perks:

As, we all are quite aware, availability online helps us to customize the timing of the activity irrespective of whether it is any work or leisure activity. Similarly, this website helps us to stream & enjoy our favorite shows which could be a very popular TV Series or any films of the recent time in accordance to our free time. We can pause wherever and whenever we want. Just get back from where you left. This is amazing feature this site comes up with.


Check Ratings and Reviews

Another best part of is they provide you ratings of every movie. Ratings are very important because nowadays you should really check a movie’s rating before going to watch it and ratings are trustworthy as people like us rates those things, so it won’t waste your time. Not only android tv rather this website also works on Blu-Ray Player, your smartphone, Tablet, PC, Laptop and Google Tv so most of the media devices you have, so that you can easily watch and enjoy.


If you are going on a trip, you are watching any web series and don’t want to miss any episode then they have a download option so that you can download your left episodes and watch it during the journey. you have this website my kudos – you are literally way ahead of most. They have their own popular web series which you can watch only on this site except for those tv series and movies though few popular tv shows are also available on, you can sit on your couch and spend the entire day watching series! And the obvious reason behind choosing movies over novels.


conclusion: has improved their site a lot from just being a beginner website of web series and movies. There are very few sites which offer you unlimited streaming without any cost, who doesn’t love that? If you are a person who goes to the office on an everyday basis and hardly gets time but still loves to watch a movie then here you go!