Vibe with Vacuum: Cleanliness At Its Best

A quality vacuum cleaner should have several filters for outgoing air. Well, if the selected model will be equipped with a HEPA filter. It picks up the smallest fragments of dust, bacteria and allergens. And the best cleaning is provided by water filter vacuum cleaners – they trap more than 99.99% of dust. But you need the right skill for the best cleaning and for that you will be needing to visit “>

Power: More means better? Many when choosing a vacuum cleaner focus on power. Indeed, it seems that a vacuum cleaner with a power of 1800 watts is much better than its fellow with a power of 1400 watts. But what really determines power? Let’s start with the fact that there is power consumption (namely, it is often indicated on the body) and the suction power. Power consumption determines dimensions, power consumption and noise level. The more powerful the vacuum cleaner, the bigger and louder it is. But the quality of cleaning power consumption affects only slightly.

  • Much more important is the suction power. However, there are some subtleties. If you do not have children and Persian cats, and the floor is covered with laminate, linoleum or carpet, a vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 300 W will perfectly cope with the restoration of order. In this case, the purchase of a powerful vacuum cleaner will be just an extra waste of money and energy during its operation.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a suction capacity of more than 300 watts will be useful for owners of long pile carpets and those who often have to clean up after children and molting pets. And on vacuum cleaners, in which the suction power is less than 260 W, do not even look. It must be borne in mind that as the bag is filled, the suction power drops. But this does not apply to vacuum cleaners with aqua-filter. In them, the suction power does not depend on water pollution and remains constant throughout the entire cleaning.

Type of cleaning: wet or dry? When choosing a vacuum cleaner for your home, think about what type of cleaning you need. The function of wet cleaning significantly increases the cost of the device, but in fact, not everyone needs it. Washing vacuum cleaners are much larger than usual, and owners of small apartments, where every square meter is expensive, are better to opt for a regular vacuum cleaner. Do not use a washing vacuum cleaner and those with floors covered with linoleum or other smooth material.

Who Should Go For The Cleaning

Allergy-free people can’t do without wet cleaning the smallest dust that ordinary vacuum cleaners raise can lead to an asthma attack. However, for them, the ideal option would be to choose a vacuum cleaner with an aqua-filter that cleans not only the floor, but also the air. A truly washing vacuum cleaner is needed for families with small children. And also to those who love carpets and floor coverings with thick pile. No ordinary vacuum cleaner will be able to clean the carpet, especially light, in the same way that washing will do.

In addition, as you can see from the video, some models of washing vacuum cleaners are able to perform the functions of moisturizing and deodorizing the air. The more expensive the vacuum cleaner, the more reliable and functional it is. The cheapest models do not last long most often they break small parts, plastic cracks on the pipe and brushes, the hose breaks, less often the motor burns out. Their service life is small, and the warranty period is even less.

If such a vacuum cleaner breaks down, it is easier to throw it away than to repair it. Expensive vacuum cleaners can serve for decades, and the warranty period for elite models can reach 10 years. So in the end it is much more profitable to choose a quality vacuum cleaner once and forget about dust and allergens for many years.