Tips To Repair Rotten Wooden Garage Doors

Garage Door Repairs Aylsham

Many people prefer wooden Garage Door Repairs Aylsham when their garage is in front of the house. It looks ravishingly beautiful due to its texture, which adds to the beauty of the house. Nevertheless, it is very usual to see rotted garage doors. This occurs specifically in the monsoon regions or the place with very high humidity. Proper maintenance is needed to protect it from rotting. They should be treating it regularly with waterproof painting. We can easily save our door from rotting as early as we can stop it from rotting. The most common areas of rotting are door panels and frames. We can use some techniques at home to fix the garage doors as long as you have the right products and tools.

Point out the root cause of damage:

Garage Door Repairs Aylsham

To fix the problem of rotted wooden doors firstly we have to know the root cause of the damage. There are possible two causes of damage:

  • Water damage: the major cause of rotten garage doors is water. We see damage due to water mainly in the watershed area. In case you have a problem with the plumbing in your house and water keeps leaking, the wood absorbs water and starts expanding. The base of the door starts rotting and finally breaks down if the problem is not solved on time.
  • Fungi: Mold and fungi can rot your door excessively. The moisture from the atmosphere absorbed by the wood made it worse in a condition that gives it a better condition to grow fungi on it. Even dampness caused by the humid condition can rot your garage doors.

Monitor the garage doors periodically:

Proper monitoring is important when you install wooden garage doors. You need to understand the signs of rotting before it becomes severe and cannot be repairable. The most common parts where we can see the rotting are the door frames and panels.

  1. Inspect the garage door for wood rot

Inspecting the garage door for rot signs is very important. You need to identify the specific parts of the door that are deteriorating. The most susceptible areas to wood rot are the frames and bottom parts of the garage door. These are areas that are exposed to water, and it is normal to see signs of deterioration. You can also check the garage door planks to be sure. Here are some signs of garage door wood rot:

  1. Scrap or cut the rot

After you identify the rot, it is time to scrap or cut the rot. You will need to use a sharp knife so that you can cut out the rot. Depending on the extent of deterioration, you do not have to use a knife. You can scrap the top rot until you see clean wood.

  1. Wait for the filler to dry and sand

After using the wood filler, please wait for some time for it to dry. It will take some hours for it to dry, depending on the size of the holes or cracks. Once you are sure that the filler has completely dried, it is time to do some sanding. Sanding is important so that you can level the door. Make sure that you do proper sanding to achieve a smooth look.