The whole of life us is like watching a film


Everyone loves to watch movies, to get distracted from their real life, they get into the reel life to forget the pains of real life, and ดูหนังออนไลน์ refers to watching movies online for free, there are many websites offer free movies for its users and some sites offer movies for rent, watching movies have both advantage and advantage, some people are addicted towards watching films and the websites which provide free movies and TV shows and live streams are,


To watch the mainstream movies this is the best site and it is an ad-supported site that has tons of movies and TV shows. This app is available in Google Play, IOS, Apple TV, and you can download it and watch movies at any time, anywhere.

Internet Archive:

It is the best site for watching the golden age classic movies, it is a site that captures all the community domain media. For all the classic movie lovers it is the best site.


Vudu is a site to buy movies at first but at present, it provides content free, it has a catalog of how long the free movies are available. Vudu app is available on all devices like computers, smartphones, IOS, tablets, and smart TVs. Just create a free Vudu account to use this app.



Plex is known as a multipurpose site and it is very easy to use and helps to watch movies and also helps to view your private images, videos, and other media, this company launched its free service with a collection of movies and TV shows.

There are many advantages and disadvantages in watching movies, the various advantages are,

  • Watching movies help us to pass our time,
  • Some historical movies help people to understand the value of their culture and tradition.
  • Some students and people who want to learn a particular language, watch movies, and learn that language.
  • Movies are watched for entertainment.
  • There are many movies related to science and education helps the students to learn more about scientific developments.
  • Many biographical movies of noble personalities inspire the young generation to achieve something in their life.
  • Sometimes the weirdest, unbelievable things, the most extreme scenes are shown in the movies, they induce our imagination and help us to think creatively.
  • Movies educate us that is we learn about science, culture, politics, techniques, and other new things through movies.

The various disadvantages are

  • Some movies create a bad impact on a particular location and people, and sometimes it develops a bad and dangerous impact in the minds of children.
  • Nowadays, not all the movies are like we can watch it by sitting with family, so it is a big drawback of the present-day films.
  • Addiction to movies stops students from studying.
  • Some children think movies are real and get into it, started thinking themselves as superheroes, and do some difficult activities.
  • Some movies of this current modern world encourage violence, and it is known as one of the bad impacts. Violence against children, women, and poor people are shown in almost every movie.
  • All the producers made movies for their profit, not for any charity and for any poor people, so the promotions are made to attract the people to watch movies.