The Process of Scrapbooking and more for You Now

crafting dies

Come on, in this post, experts explain a little more about 3 tools that will be used together and that will also have a specific video there on our channel:

  • Cutting base
  • Checkered acrylic rulers
  • Circular cutter or circular scissors

These 3 materials we use to make accurate and measured cuts. We can cut fabrics, plastics, nylons, quilts, couplings, zippers, crafting diespaper. Making something spectacular out of it is not a very hard thing, but you will need to have the best ideas for the same and that also within a very short time. This is where the power of ideas and imaginations come up. You need to be specific for these matters and that is the reason you can have the best deals now. Great choices are there and that is the reason for the best scrapbooks and other crafts you will need to be specific at every level. The deals are essential and that is the reason you need to be specific for the same now. You can be perfect for such works now. Some important tips for you to buy and make the best use of these 3 materials:

crafting dies

Cutting base

A good cutting base needs to have 3 layers, as pictured below:

Why 3 layers? Because it will last longer when cutting (whether with the cutter or stylus), the board will regenerate. Yes, the cut is gone. Of course, this miracle won’t last forever, lol, but I guarantee you that your card will have a much longer life.

Regarding the size of the board, there are several measurements as well. A 45cm x 60cm card is a good measure for both cutting small and large jobs (for example, a backpack). This choice will also depend on your pocket $$ ok?

Checkered acrylic rulers

  • The rulers also have numerous models, measurements and prices.
  • Choose to buy an acrylic ruler. They will be tougher if the cutter blade goes over or even the edge.
  • A ruler that follows the size of your board will be better used, as it will prevent you from moving it when cutting. A good measurement is 60cm X 15cm.

Circular cutter or circular scissors

The circular cutter or scissors is a tool that has a circular blade, where we use to cut (fabrics, plastics, nylons, quilts, couplings, zippers, paper…) using as a guide the ruler and all this on the board.

There are cutters of various sizes as well: 60mm, 45mm, 28mm. These measurements will impact blade life and ease of cutting a few or many layers of fabrics and blankets, for example.

Ideally, have 2 cutters. One for fabric only and one second for other materials, blanket, zipper, coupled, plastic. From time to time, the blade needs to be changed, you will know how much, when experiencing difficulty in cutting.

Anyway, the material has gotten a little bit, but I hope you get the most out of it. This is important information for what you are starting from this world of adventure of seams. If you have any questions or comments on this topic, write to us. We want to know until the next post. These are the matters that you need to have and that is the reason you need to be specific on these matters now.