The Perfect Choices for Music Download Now

حالات واتساب

Subscribing will increase the bitrate of played tracks to 320 Kbps, remove ads and allow you to listen to tracks offline. Yandex.Music offers monthly and annual subscription types, the cost of which will be 169 dollars and 1,690 dollars, respectively.

Free trial period is one month. In addition, you will receive a discount on a taxi, the ability to watch movies and TV shows without ads on KinoPoisk and other Yandex.Plus chips. With حالات واتساب you can find the best downloading options now.

حالات واتساب

Advantages: the ability to listen to music for free if you use only a desktop browser, a convenient recommendation system, and the availability of exclusive podcasts.

Disadvantages: insufficiently user-friendly interface and a large amount of advertising in the browser version.

YouTube Music

This streaming service contains all the albums and songs that have ever been uploaded to YouTube by musicians, labels or users themselves. Accordingly, it often happens that today you are listening to your favorite song, and tomorrow it becomes inaccessible, because it was flooded with a simple listener who did not have rights to it.

There is a lot of music, even very much. True, the service does not give an exact figure, speaking only of “millions of tracks”. In addition to audio recordings, YouTube Music also shows video clips (including unofficial ones) and a bunch of different remixes. The functions of automatic selection of music here are very good, and the range is diverse.

A paid subscription to YouTube Music Premium will remove ads from the application, allow you to save tracks and listen to them offline, as well as play songs in the background or when the screen is off. It can be tested free of charge for three months, then the price will be 169 dollars per month. In addition, there is a family (up to five people) subscription (269 dollars) and student (95 dollars).

Advantages: powerful and smart search, a large number of music tracks and recordings of live concerts in the catalog.

Disadvantages: not very good sound quality, the presence of unlicensed music in playlists, not the most convenient library sorting.


Deezer boasts a rich library: the service database has more than 43 million songs. For those who are often looking for new music, the service will offer the Flow function. She independently selects tracks that you may like.

Subscribing will significantly increase the bitrate of played songs (up to 320 Kbps), disable ads and open the ability to listen to tracks offline. The cost of an individual subscription will be 169 dollars per month, family (up to six people) – 255 dollars. The free trial period is three months. There is also a subscription for audiophiles – 369 dollars per month for music in the FLAC format.

Advantages: more than 56 million songs in the library, the availability of copyrighted music podcasts.

Disadvantages: not the most convenient desktop client.


This service is distinguished by the quality of music: here it is presented in the FLAC / ALAC format, so that audiophiles will be pleased. The Tidal database contains more than 90 thousand music videos and 40 million high-quality songs.

The service has several subscription levels: Premium and Hi ‑ Fi. The first opens access to music in the format of 320 Kbps, AAC (MP3 is significantly inferior to AAC even with the same bitrate). Hi ‑ Fi provides the ability to listen to FLAC and ALAC songs.