The Most Effective Options in Case of the Metal Signs Now

Metal Signs

If the taxation depends on the size of the sign, the approval procedure is the same for all Metal Signs (large or small). How does it work? It is necessary to elaborate a project, present it to the Municipality of reference and await approval. To submit the project to the Municipality, you must complete a form and submit a specific request for authorization. During the approval pending period, a temporary sign may be displayed for 90 days. The temporary sign must necessarily be different from the one presented in the project.

How to choose shop signs: the different types

There are many types of signs and choosing the perfect one for your business is not easy. In particular, the shop signs are divided into two macro-categories:

Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs for shops are those that have an internal lighting body. In other words, they do not need any external lighting system as they can be autonomously illuminated. The cost of making these signs is particularly high as it also includes the internal lighting system. Here are the most used types of illuminated signs:

Luminous boxes: they are one of the favorite solutions of merchants. The illuminated boxes are signs made of aluminum with internal LED lighting, they are often affixed to the entrances of shops on the street. They guarantee a maximum level of illumination both during the day and at night. They can be of any shape and are characterized by a wide level of customization. They can be the double-sided flag, perforated, shaped or with raised letters;

Luminous totems: totems are the classic vertical signs that are positioned outside the shops on the street. They are also particularly used for events and shows. The totems are, like the bins, illuminated from the inside and guarantee an excellent level of visibility. They are undoubtedly the ideal choice for those who have ample space outside their shop;

Metal Signs

Luminous letters: many shops opt for a sign consisting of luminous letters. The letters are made of aluminum, steel or plastic and contain neon or LED lighting which makes them visible at any time of the day. Most businesses opt for this option by composing the name of their shop with the letters;

Backlit signs: an elegant and economical solution that simply consists of lighting your own sign from the back. These signs are particularly used in shopping malls where space is limited. Backlit signs are particularly common in the last period as they represent an elegant, design and inexpensive solution (the lighting system is always LED, therefore particularly economical).

Signs not bright

Non-luminous signs are those which do not have an internal lighting system. The light remains a fundamental element to give visibility to the shop, as a consequence even these signs are often illuminated by external systems.

Here are the most common types of non-illuminated signs:

Printed panels: these are undoubtedly the cheapest signs. They have no thickness since they are simply made with prints. They are often made with adhesive vinyl applied to a wall or with personalized colored panels. They do not have their own lighting but are often illuminated by external lighting systems.