The Essential options for the Military Patches Now

military patches

Identifying your company, distinguishing it from other competitors and attracting consumer attention has never been more important. We offer different types of patches such as woven patches, name ribbons, hanging patches, size labels, washing instructions, embroidered and woven badges and so on. We have standard models but can also respond to the wishes of our customers. If you, as an entrepreneur, know what patch you want or even if you don’t know, you can always contact us. The larger is the order quantity, the cheaper the price per piece. In the case of the military patches this is important now.

Parents and personalizing children’s clothes

military patches

Personalizing clothes is a kind of insurance for adults with children not to lose things. Children can lose clothes very quickly. As the father of two small children, Ulrik from Ikast Etiket A / S experienced this a lot, that a sweater or jacket disappeared in the daycare. Losing clothes makes the child sad and annoying for the childcare staff and of course also for the parents. Many parents know from experience that many nurseries and schools should ask parents to clearly write their child’s name in their shoes and clothes. Many parents forget that or it is no longer visible due to wear, for example. This gave Ulrik the idea to personalize or patch everyday clothes. We trust that clear name stickers, patches or patches are of good washable quality and durable.

All Ikast Etiket patches and patches are very robust and durable because they have to take a beating, just like the children’s clothes! We recommend ironing patches and/or name tapes to personalize children’s clothes. Our ironing patches are unique and easy to iron. They do not itch and can be safely washed. Our name ribbons are unique and beautifully woven – we recommend sewing them in as they will last the longest.

Labels for professional clothing and for private use

Did you know that you can put your own name in 20 pieces of clothes for only € 8? We make patches for children, parents, institutions, creative people, large and small companies. We have a wide range that can meet everyone’s needs.

HACCP – or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – can easily be described as a food safety system used by food companies to keep food pure and safe. After all, food production is characterized by certain risks that can adversely affect its integrity and health, and proper protection and control thereof are therefore important. Control of food becomes easier thanks to so-called HACCP stickers. HACCP patches with Infofood patches ensure quality and a clear overview of the dangers of impure food!

What exactly is HACCP, and what are HACCP stickers?

HACCP, therefore, stands for a security system for power supply. The risks to which food is vulnerable during production must be described by companies in a so-called food safety plan – or HACCP plan. Every company that has something to do with food and that processes or produces food is obliged to draw up such a HACCP plan – and that is also subject to European legislation. HACCP patches are an indispensable investment for any food company.