The energies can be converted but can’t be destroyed

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Different forms of energy exist in this world. They are sound, chemical, electrical, light, mechanical, heat, gravitational, mechanical and atomic nuclear energies, and so on, every form of these energies can be changed or converted as another form. Though there are so many particular kinds of energy, Potential and kinetic energies are the two specific kinds of energy in this world. Potential energy has the potential to be used for future purposes, and it is a form of energy, the various examples of the potential energy is chemical and nuclear energies, etc. And Click Here to know about the kinetic energy. It is one of the energies which is in all the objects that are moving, and the various examples of this energy are electrical and mechanical energies.

Electrical energy:

In the electric conductors, this energy can be carried by the electrons which are always moving, and this is one of the greatest mutual and useful procedures of energy, an example for this energy is lightening, the various other forms of energies can be changed as the electrical energy that is the power plants can change the chemical energy that is kept in the various fuels like coal into the electricity over different forms.

Thermal energy:

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This thermal energy is connected to the temperature of a system or a substance, and this energy is the molecules that are vibrating or moving. An example of this energy is solar energy, which has been used for the cooking process.

Mechanical energy:

This form of energy is one of the energy a system or a substance has since its motion, the various machines use this mechanical energy for their works, and this is an example of mechanical energy.

Chemical energy:

This energy is normally kept in the words of chemical complexes like molecules or atoms, and this chemical energy is unconfined in the reaction of chemicals, and it is the form of heat always, and for instance, this chemical energy can be used in the fuels like coal, wood by scorching the fuels.

Nuclear energy:

This nuclear energy is one of the energies which is locked inside every atom, and this energy can be used as a fusion that is joining the atoms or fission that is excruciating the atoms process. In these methods fusion is the most used method and in this Uranium is the basic raw substantial and it is excavated from different locations around the globe. To get the augmented uranium a process is done into the small pellets. And these various pellets are put into extended rods which are loaded into the reactor of the power plant and the various atoms of the uranium has been split inside the reactor of this nuclear power plant. This process is done in an organized chain reaction. Thorium and plutonium are various fissile substances.
In this chain reaction, the atoms unconfined by the excruciating of the particle strike different uranium particles and divided them. The atoms that released by this additional split different atoms in a chain method. To keep the splitting process regulated the resistor rods have been used in the power plants and so this process does not happen so fast.