The Best Options to Study Cosmetology

Texas Cosmetology License Renewal

The Cosmetology career aims to train professionals capable of dealing with the beauty and health of the skin of people with all the tools conducive to this end. It is a short course, two years in some cases, in which various subjects related to the anatomy of the human body and the skin are addressed, as well as purely physical, chemical and cosmetic issues. Cosmetology graduates may work in beauty centers, as dermatologist assistants and independently by performing facial and body treatments. The Texas Cosmetology License Renewal process is also now easy.

Why study Cosmetology?

  • Because you are interested in individual aesthetics.
  • Because you like to help people look good and feel comfortable with themselves.
  • Because you have ease and pleasure to follow fashion trends.
  • Because for you the skin is the organ that speaks of the interior of people.

Where to study cosmetology?

The courses intended for those who wish to become cosmetologists are paid, and are offered in private institutions.

In Argentina: Universidad de Morón offers the career of University Technician in Cosmetology, Cosmiatry and Aesthetics with a duration of 2 years, the School of Cosmetology Viviana Bustos his studies are endorsed by the Argentine Association of Cosmetology and Aesthetics and the Argentine Federation of Cosmetologists and Beauticians (FACE), CEPEC, School of Cosmetology, Medical Center School, Lemar Institute, Martha Ferrer School of Cosmetology, Si Jolie, Latin American School of Training in Higher Aesthetics, INSE Institute, Java Jeiman or School of Cosmetology, Cosmiatrics, Body Aesthetics and Makeup offers the Cosmetology course with a duration of 5 months and is taught once a week, also offers the Cosmetology & Cosmiatry course with a duration of 5 months, and is attended twice a week.

In Chile: The National School of Cosmetology and Comprehensive Aesthetics ENACE, Levinia Manfredini Center for Studies, Patricia Bernal School of Aesthetics, SERSOFT LTDA, Marcia Berríos Academy of Integral Cosmetology, etc.

In Colombia: the School of Cosmetology and Aesthetics of the Caribbean, in Barranquilla, offers a very complete program on the aesthetics and care of the face and body, including makeup materials. The National Institute of Cosmetology and Aesthetics ATENEA, Schools of Beauty and Cosmetology Luz Alex, School of Cosmetology and Aesthetics of the Caribbean ESCEC, Fitodermie Institute of Aesthetics and Cosmetology.

Texas Cosmetology License Renewal

In Ecuador: In the City of Quito, the International Cosmetology School Beauty School International Craft Training Center offers Cosmetology courses. In Guayaquil, the Aesthetic Life Center Academy of Cosmetology, Beauty and Makeup offers courses in Cosmetology and Beauty. In Guayaquil, the Ecost cosmetology school offers the Cosmetology course, In Quito the Superior Technological Institute of Integral Aesthetics (ITSEI) offers Technician in integral aesthetics and Technology in Cosmiatrics and Trichology, the Difference School offers in Guayaquil the Cosmetology Career, in Quito and Lendan Higher Technological Institute offers the Higher Technical Career in Integral Aesthetics.

In El Salvador: The Technical School of Cosmetology offers the training of Technician in Cosmetology.

In Spain: one of the options to study cosmetology is distance, this type of studies is offered by the Center for Studies CECAC under the title of Aesthetics and Beauty. The University of Barcelona grants the degree of Dermo-pharmacy and Cosmetology as a Master.

In Mexico: the Institute of Comprehensive Cosmetology dictates a course that covers spa techniques and cosmetic chemistry, in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Institute of Cosmetology and Integral Cosmiatry, Center of Studies JAVE AC, Institute of Beauty and Cosmetology Marliz, Madeleine Meyer Institute, Finisterra Institute, Institute of Integral Cosmetology, Center of Integral Teaching of Cosmetology and Aesthetics KIREI, Center of Studies ABC, Chantelle Institute, Institute of Integral Cosmetology (ICI), etc.