Style of Jewelry According To Your Taste

star of david pendant

The following overview will help you navigate the rich offer of different necklaces and pendants and choose your champion that fits your personality and style perfectly with star of david pendant .

Pendants and necklaces in the style of solitaire

star of david pendant

You can choose from several different options in the single gem necklace category. If you want to give another person these gems, or you cannot decide which gem is suitable, for example, a month of birth or a zodiac sign or skin tone can help you choose. The easiest way is to follow the favorite color of the gifted.

Solitaire on the handle

Beautiful and elegant classic, it is a solitaire necklace with a jewel hanging on the handle of a tender chain. It is a great choice for delicate, romantic souls, but also strong businessmen who want to complement their austere style with a female element and show that even an elegant lady can succeed in the hard world of men.

Although the handle may seem like an inconspicuous part of the pendant, it can be pleasantly surprised by several designs. In addition to the smooth standard ear, you can also choose a double rabbit ear or a sophisticated decorative ear, which will be the absolute pinnacle of the perfect elegance of the whole necklace.

Fixed solitaire

A gem connected directly to the chain will attract minimalists and all ladies who are looking for an unobtrusive but unique decoration decollete. In this case, certainly less is sometimes more and with the right choice of gem you shine first bright star in the sky.

Pendants and necklaces with side stones

If one gem is not enough for you and you like to shine even more, do not miss necklaces decorated with side stones. One distinctive gem is complemented by several smaller ones , which form a perfect harmony with the central stone. Thanks to the wide range of combinations you will surely find a model with which you will shine not only at work but also social events.

Pendants and necklaces in halo style

Do you long for eternal glitter and glitter that will attract everyone in the room? Halo pendants are made for this purpose. Just imagine a beautiful gem decorated with a halo of other small stones hanging on a chain that perfectly complements it. With this elegant and distinctive piece you can’t step next. Let him underline your beauty and distinction at festive and official events.


In historical movies, you have certainly seen many times on the heroine’s neck a medallion with a photo of your beloved. You can remind people or events that are close to you in a modern and elegant design.

Hide the secret of your heart in a delicate, round shape that gently adorns your decolletage and lets you stand out not only by you but also by your beloved memory. And don’t be fooled, medallions are far from being just a jewel suitable for romantic souls. After all, each of us carries secrets in the heart, and it is this piece of jewelry is the ideal confidant to whom you can entrust.