Smartest Choices in the Field of Websites Design

what is web design

However, if you want to get into this area and don’t know where to start or how to stand out in the market, check out our article and find out how to become a professional web designer by following these tips. You should also know here what is web design .

Learn the theory.

what is web design

Although a very practical branch, every profession requires some theory. Therefore, as you begin your studies, learn the fundamentals of information architecture, how to organize the elements of a website, among others. You can start by reading professionals who are a reference in the market. As you read articles and books, start practicing and always be aware of other books to catch up on changes in the area.

Understand the basics of programming

While website development is only possible with platform-ready tools, a professional web designer needs to know the basics of programming, more specifically:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

These languages ​​will make it easier to design advanced websites, especially with JavaScript, which is essential for adding interactivity to pages.

Learn the basics of UX and UI

The time when WD needed to focus only on the interactivity of an interface is over. With easy access to other information, feedback to brands with so many changes in online communication, the user experience (UX) is extremely relevant. Therefore, in addition to taking care of the UI (User Interface) and only the physical and tangible part of a website, a good professional should think of strategies that offer the best user experience.

Do not do IT.

If you also want to specialize in the area with a degree, know the curriculum of all courses that may relate to web design. A lot of people think, for example, that the best choice for web design is a course in Information Technology or Computer Science.

However, for those who want to act more analytically and see results in the marketplace, understanding how WD fits into websites, e-commerce and blogs is critical, especially as this is a trend in today’s marketplace.

Understand SEO

Web design is very user-focused, but for a site to perform well, it also needs to be search engine friendly. Therefore, a professional in this area should know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, which together help pages rank as naturally as possible.

Do internships

The internship is the best time to absorb as much knowledge as your contractor can offer, and this is your time to make mistakes and learn. In addition to gaining experience, create a contact network in its stages, as in the future they can be useful for larger opportunities.

Have a portfolio

It is essential to understand that in the area of ​​web design, your work should be shown to clients, as just talking about your skills does not really prove that you have good designs. Therefore, at some point, you will come across the request send me your portfolio, please. The problem is that if you have only done client projects all this time, you will not be able to use these jobs to show other potential clients. So take time to create your own unique designs and bring them into a portfolio.