Smart Options for The Yoga Training and Teaching

yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Yoga unites and harmonizes three aspects physical, psychological and spiritual. Exercises take place in a calm, smooth rhythm classes consist of performing special wellness postures that strengthen the body, as well as breathing exercises. Thanks to the complex effects of exercises, all muscle groups are worked out, joints are trained, and blood circulation improves. After regular practice, the functioning of the body systems is normalized. a calming and rejuvenating effect is noticeable. In addition, exercises improve the state of mind give an excellent mood, charge with positive, cheerfulness, harmonize thoughts and help withstand stress. Advantages: weight loss. Muscle elasticity. Bone strengthening formation of correct posture, improved coordination of movements, Stress reduction, self-confidence, Energy. optimism and openness. Disadvantages: improper performance can harm. No quick result. the benefits of exercise depend on the professionalism of the instructor. The yoga teacher training in rishikesh  happens to be perfect now.

Types of Yoga Studios provide training in a number of popular areas:

Includes simple and complex asanas, breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation practices. It is aimed at taking the correct position of the body. The purpose of the exercises is to restore and strengthen the body for those who have suffered injuries or have poor health, who have physical disabilities, as well as children, pregnant women, the elderly.


It focuses more on the psychological and spiritual world of a person than on the physical aspect. Here dynamic and static are practiced.

Yoga Nidra

Designed to achieve deep physical and psychological relaxation. During this lesson, they lie with their eyes closed, focusing on the instructor’s voice. This is a practice of deep relaxation, during which the tension is relieved, the emotional background is normalized.

yoga teacher training in rishikesh


A set of exercises for pregnant or planning a pregnancy, covering the periods from preparation for the conception of a child to the first months after his birth. A key goal of training is working with the pelvic floor muscles to prepare the birth canal. Exercise is also aimed at achieving flexibility, physical and emotional relaxation.


Classes are held in special hammocks suspended from the horizontal bar or ceiling. Exercises include deflections, inverted positions, and somersaults. This type has contraindications.

The teacher’s attentive approach, the ability to correctly and confidently guide along the right path, are especially important and necessary in the early stages of getting to know yoga. Therefore, even those who take the first steps in mastering this ancient art will soon learn to feel their body, manage it and perfectly perform complex.

The studio offers programs in the following areas: for children, for beginners, for pregnant, massage. sound. The studio is open to visitors from seven in the morning until eight in the evening, including weekends, so visits will not be a problem for those who study or work. Classes are held in spacious, bright rooms of two rooms and an art space, designed for a pleasant, relaxing vacation. People come here to chat, have tea, work and spend their free time as they like. Massage services are provided in a separate massage room. Additionally, in the Studio “Yoga Art”, educational lectures, seminars and film screenings are held, which allow you to study yoga more deeply, to learn the subtleties of skill, to penetrate this ancient unusual art of body ownership. Studio visitors take part in masterclasses, concerts and other interesting events.