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An hourly contract proved to be the cheapest option for almost any energy company. The third option, the fixed-price but fixed-term one-year contract, is near the price level of stock exchange contracts. With the right Power to Choose Houston you can be the best to have the control.

Most buy the most expensive electricity

Power to Choose Houston

However, the majority of Finns buy the most expensive electricity at fixed price. That is what the electricity companies are happy to trade. On the basis of price comparisons, switching from exchange electricity to new housing was profitable. Savings amounted to $ 71 over a couple of years. Helen has had almost one-fifth of the exchange-traded electricity, 18% cheaper than the fixed-term contract. If you were a customer, the price difference would be even larger, 25 percent.

If we were living in a detached house, the annual savings would be hundreds of dollars. If we were to live in a detached house, our annual electricity consumption would be many times higher than today, saving hundreds of dollars. In a low-electricity apartment building, the lion’s share of the electricity bill is made up of energy transfer fees and an electricity tax, the amount of which cannot be influenced by the consumer.


Against this background, as a customer, total electricity bill would have fallen by 13 percent. If you had previously purchased the light electricity, which is the most expensive in the country, you would have achieved the greatest savings on my contract change. Changing the contract would have reduced the price of electricity to less than half. The easiest way to save on your electricity bill is to regularly compete with your electricity supplier. The comparison is successful at electricity you are moving to another service.

Select Agreement Type

An hourly electricity contract is particularly profitable if you use a little more expensive hours during the day. For an electric heater living in a large detached house, a fixed price contract may be a less risky option.

Uncompetitive Power Provider

You are looking for the cheapest deals based on the type of dwelling and the annual electricity consumption. If your annual Electricity Consumption is low, choose a contract that does not have a basic charge. A new electricity contract can be made online in minutes and your electricity supplier will terminate the old contract.

Monitor Electricity Consumption and Price

Many electricity retailers provide online services that track the hourly electricity consumption of their homes. Hourly Price mobile app brings stock market prices for android, iPhone and Windows phones. Only 15 per cent of people buy hourly exchange electricity. One reason for the low popularity is surely the fact that it is difficult to assess the value of hourly changing prices.

The ever-changing price of stock exchange electricity can be tracked with Hourly Price mobile app. The real-time hourly electricity price and the forecast for the coming hours are always displayed on the phone’s front page.

In the early days of March, the Hourly Price application reported that the average price of stock exchange electricity last week was 3.9 cents per kWh. During the cheap hours of the night, the price drops below 2 cents per kWh.

The price of former fixed-price contract, 5.79 cents per kWh, is rarely exceeded by stock exchange electricity. Usually it occurs in the morning or early evening when electricity is consumed extensively in both homes and industry.