Right Choices for the Finest Smartphone

galaxy rose

It is difficult to imagine a modern person without a smartphone in his hands. This device has actually turned into a symbol of our era. Thanks to smartphones, we not only communicate, read or play, but it also serves as a confirmation of our identity. Therefore, the question of how to choose a smartphone remains relevant always. The choice of the galaxy rose mobile happens to be quite wise.


Apple’s product is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Steve Jobs managed to convince everyone that the iPhone is a sign of wealth and good taste. That is why its cost often exceeds the technological and innovative innovations that the device represents. Although this fact does not stop buyers who are ready to stand in line for hours and even days to purchase a new model. The new iPhone 11 can be ordered by clicking on the link.

  • iPhone runs its own OS system, while most manufacturers use Android. They are much more stable in coping with various tasks and quite practical. Many applications are first created specifically for it and then adapted for use on other platforms.
  • iPhone is the most popular phone in the USA. But among its shortcomings can be called quality work in the winter, when the freezing weather begins.


The main competitor to Apple remains South Korean Samsung. It annually releases new flagship models, which are often superior in performance to apple lovers. The company sells more phones in the world.

galaxy rose

The popularity of the products of this company did not decrease even when in 2016 the batteries of the new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in several users exploded after use. And although Samsung withdrew the party, they still managed to capitalize on this situation because the event became a real meme on the Internet. This helped sell the next batch of goods.


The Japanese multinational company Sony differs from others in its consistency. For years, she has not given up the peculiar rectangular shape of her smartphones. Phones of this brand are difficult to confuse with something else. Another feature of gadgets is a quality camera. All thanks to the fact that first of all Sony got a name for itself as a manufacturer of high-quality cameras.

Sony smartphones work on the Android operating system, but everything is adjusted in such a way that you can forget about typical bugs.

According to the forecast of the analytical agency Berg Insight, the global supply of smartphones this year will reach 113 million units. If today the share of smartphones in the total number of phones used in the world is 10%, then by 2012 it will increase to 22%. By the same time, the volume of their supplies with an average annual growth of 25.6% will reach 365 million units.

Nokia’s commitment to the Symbian OS platform allowed the latter to occupy a leading position (63%) in the list of OS for smartphones. But Windows Mobile was only in third place, losing to Linux. However, in the future, according to Berg Insight, Symbian will be replaced by Linux in the consumer segment and by Microsoft in the corporate segment.

Last Words

In general, according to Berg Insight experts, Microsoft will significantly strengthen its position in the smartphone market, despite the fact that while Windows Mobile does not constitute serious competition for Symbian or Linux. But analysts have so far refrained from forecasts regarding a new Apple OS X for this segment.