Photography can communicate with us and make us smile.


There are many digital cameras are available throughout the world, ShaShinKi is one of the best camera shops in Malaysia and using cameras have both advantages and disadvantages, now let us look about the disadvantages of using a digital camera,

A lot of functions:


To click a picture there are sheer numeral functions are available on several digital cameras, is vast for the people, the ordinary people can’t use a digital camera, because they are unable to understand how to use a digital camera and when you are scrolling the menu button and select a wrong button then you may end up in an unknown option, you may feel difficult to rectify them. It is one of the drawbacks of using digital cameras.

More battery influence:

Digital cameras of these days use more power which results in exhausted batteries. Using flash is one of the main causes of battery drain. And if you are not aware, the camera may die at a particular time when you badly want to click the picture. To get over this particular problem you need to carry extra batteries and you have to spend more time to make sure that all the batteries are fully charged.

Expensive and permanency:

A high-quality camera is not affordable for everyone, because it is more costly to buy and you need to buy memory cards and other equipment too. you have to be aware that digital cameras are not like film cameras, the later one can be used for many years but the former one may out-dated rapidly.

Too many pictures taken:

Film cameras are capable of clicking 36 pictures for each roll, so this carries out discipline and thoughtfulness. But digital cameras offer only a few limitations, so people can capture so many photos without any limitation, this causes them to click many photos. Sometimes, without having a thought or plan they click photos. And sometimes they click several pictures of the same person to capture the flawless image.

More sensitive to warmth, moisture, and cold:

For digital cameras the various climates like cold, heat, and condensation are bad. So you have to take more care to protect the camera from this ecological situations.

Photo folder management problems:

Taking more photos may cause difficulty to arrange the photos in order, it may cause the problem in labeling the photos and so it may end up with photos stored in different files of a memory card. For example, the photos may be stored in various devices like memory cards, hard drives, or kept online. So people may find difficult to find a particular photo, and it makes them lose a photo easily, when the user backs up his memory folder, it will be even worse to find a photo.

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