Photo booth: original souvenir boxes to choose from

mirror photo booth toronto

This is obvious to you; there will necessarily be a photobooth on the day of your wedding. Yes, but which one? This very popular animation is indeed subject to many reinterpretations. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you.

Now that your wedding announcements are sent impossible to retreat, you will have to take in hand the organisation of your event without delay. It will be especially good to personalise your reception area with the appropriate wedding decoration. To make sure your loved ones have a good time, do not forget to put some wedding games at their disposal.

In terms of entertainment, mirror photo booth toronto has become one of the most popular wedding animation ideas in recent years. Why do you deprive yourself? Know also that there are all kinds as you will discover below.

mirror photo booth toronto

The Gifbooth

You knew the photobooth, here is the gift booth. First of all, what is a GIF? This is an animation made from a series of images placed one after another, a format between the still image and the short video. Some providers have decided to take up the idea to create a wedding animation consisting of the bride and groom and their guests to create their gifs through a photo booth. Sent by email or SMS, the gifs created can be used to envy by your friends.

The photo booth

Let’s go back to the fundamentals of the photo booth with the traditional and eternal photo booth. You know the principle; we lock ourselves alone or together in a cabin to take a series of shots. After a few minutes or seconds, these are printed and available at the exit of the cabin.

The selfies terminal

In recent years, impossible to escape selfies, these self-portraits usually made through a smartphone. Followers of the new technologies, you will undoubtedly appreciate the selfie terminal, an interactive photobooth terminal that will allow all your guests to take a picture of themselves simply by choosing whether or not to use the accessories available to them.

The touch mirror

This is particularly the case of your photobooth, and this is how we recommend you here to turn to the touch mirror, a photo terminal in the form of a mirror that your loved ones can activate to make their shots, customize them but also access different activities before receiving their instant printed photos.

The scooter bike

Have you chosen a country wedding decoration? In this case, why not turn to a photobooth as a scooter? Your mobile photo booth can be installed in different places in your reception area depending on the time and the different stages of your union.

A photobooth van

With a vintage deco, nothing like a photobooth installed inside a van. The legendary van Volkswagen transforms on the occasion of your union into a four-wheeled photo booth that will irreparably attract your loved ones who cannot resist the urge to slip into this legendary vehicle to immortalise their passage at your wedding reception.