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Sworn translations are translations of general administrative documents such as birth certificates, notarial documents, driving licenses, etc. This translation is carried out by an expert translator who normally has legal competence. He certifies by means of his bucket and his signature that the translation carried out is efficient and conforms to the original document. Confidentiality is essential in this service given the nature of the documents. You would need a service which will become clear for you. Thus, it is therefore urgent to opt for the best-sworn translator fulfilling all the conditions. Find out here how to choose a good sworn translator.

A sworn translator: why choose him?

Official Sworn Translation is useful in several conditions involving going through a national administration or institution. This is the case, for example, for moving, hiring, entering university in another country or when naturalizing a foreigner. Companies in the context of legal and financial operations can use this type of translator to translate and swear their documentation.

which will become clear

Criteria for choosing a sworn translator

To choose a good sworn translator, it is important to check certain criteria. These are:

Make sure that the translator has experience in this area: you have to consult his website and browse his pages on social networks. Check if he has good references if he seems professional and for how long he has been in this business.

The competence of the translator: for a good translation, objective competence and efficiency are important all the more since they are administrative documents.

In addition, in legal translation, aptitude is very important in the sense that the translator must master the legal system of the countries involved in translation. In other words, he must have a good knowledge of the country of the source language and the country of the target language. In terms of insurance documents, aptitude is also required. The objective is to avoid any bad translation not lack of mastery of the specific vocabulary which can lead to annoying misinterpretations.

Tips for choosing a sworn translator

First, a sworn translator is found at the level of translation agencies with a large network of professional translators. You can also find it directly with the Court of Appeal. There are also online directories that should be consulted to contact sworn and accredited translators. You can find several interesting profiles on the websites of associations of translators.

In addition, to choose a sworn translator, you must:

Find a mother tongue translator: make sure that your mother tongue masters the language to be translated as your mother tongue. Fluency in the destination language is important.

Take a test: choose a difficult sentence as a test, a sentence of which you have the exact translation. Avoid 100-word texts, as the translator will be paid for the test. Give him less time to avoid him referring to a third party for the job.

Test its implication: the good translator asks you if you just have to translate the text faithfully or if he has a margin to embellish it. Avoid translators who do not ask questions.

Sworn translation is a very confidential translation which requires the choice of an efficient translator fulfilling all the conditions, especially confidentiality.