Perfect Choices for the Perfect Flowers Now

You offer a pretty bouquet of roses is always considered as particular attention. If you have to go to a birthday, with roses you are sure to please the queen of the day. The rose is an ideal flower to compose a pretty bouquet or a stylish composition. Uni, multicolored, or combined, here are some keys to choose for sure a beautiful bouquet. A visit to happens to be essential here.

A pretty bouquet of roses, a gift always appreciated

You are invited to dinner and you do not know what to bring? A pretty bouquet of roses is delicate attention that will always delight the hostess. A round bouquet will make a delicate centerpiece and as the rose is a flower that keeps well, your bouquet will perfume the house for several weeks. The rose mixes very well with the peony to create a romantic bouquet in a gradient of pink. As the roses have long and rigid stems, they also make it possible to compose very graphic bouquets or original floral arrangements. The site is a very chic gift too. This single majestic rose will beautifully adorn a console or buffet.

Give a bouquet of roses for a birthday, how to choose?

To please a woman for her birthday, a pretty bouquet of roses is a must-have gift. You will choose a bouquet of red roses for the woman you love, and pink if it’s a friend. For a girl, or a woman in your family, such as an aunt, give a pretty bouquet of white roses instead. And if you want to bet on an original composition, dare the bouquet of multicolored roses, it will certainly amaze the woman to whom you intend it. The old roses make it possible to constitute a romantic bouquet with a lot of class.

And to complete your bouquet, remember to add a box of chocolate or some sweet treats. Truffles, but also tea, delicatessen or champagne, you will find a wide choice of presents to decorate your flowery gift. And for the total surprise, consider having your bouquet delivered at home or at work.

Why is it always necessary to offer an odd number of flowers?

The number of flowers that make up a pretty bouquet of roses is always odd. It is primarily an aesthetic consideration, but some see a certain symbolism, an odd number cannot be separated into two. Even if the tradition tends to disappear, it is always fashionable to respect it.

You have just received a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers and you want it to last a long time. However, you do not really know how to go between grandmother’s tricks and tips gleaned everywhere. In fact, some rules are to know to prolong the life of your cut flowers. The exhibition, water, vase, and specificity of the varieties the florists unveil their advice and good gestures to keep flowers in vase.

A bouquet of cut flowers, it’s pampering on arrival

The right actions are adopted from the reception of the bouquet. So do not just put the rods in the water and postpone the advice that will follow. Otherwise, your flowers may get rough enough quickly and will not last the pleasure. First of all, you have to start by choosing the vase. For that, a simple rule is to know, the height of the vase must be at least equal to half of the stem. It is obvious that your vase must be clean. Then fill it with water. It is then advisable to add the small bag of nutrients provided with your bouquet.