Palm Verdure: Terrariums that Will Make You Amaze

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Do you wish to make a garden but lack space or time for it? Do you want a green around you to cheer you up but forget to water it and it ends up drying? Do you want a plant but don’t know how to care for it? Whoopee there’s a solution to all of these. It’s a terrarium. A terrarium is a handy garden placed inside a transparent glass or plastic lid. The container has soil and plants inside it which is no different in growth but in functioning.

Why does it need care?

Terrarium Workshop Singapore is a great example of a self-sustaining ecosystem. It does not require much care and often watering due to the continuous water cycle running inside it. The glass traps the required hat and light inside the container and with that heat, photosynthesis occurs. Also, this lets evaporation of moisture inside the container but due to walls, moisture droplets collect on container walls and this water again falls into the soil. Thus, the problem of frequent watering gets solved. This heat-trapping system and a continuous water cycle are what make it self-sustaining. And you don’t have to worry about the proper watering of plants, don’t care about excess or less water given to plants and also putting in the right sunshade. So, there’s a big reason behind learning about terrariums.

Terrarium workshops are here as saviours for you which make you aware of these plants.

There are no rules to terrarium making but still one needs to learn the basics of it. The workshop will make you learn about the proper assembling, adequate care given to terrariums. We think we need not a workshop then it’s wrong as we get to know about the drainage of terrarium, yes it needs drainage also. We learn about planting medium and about the type of plant we are trying to grow in our terrarium and how a terrarium works in different climate conditions as it’s all-climate marking the growth of any species.

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Reasons to learn about terrarium

  • Space crunch– terrarium is a great alternative for the people who want to keep a garden but can’t manage it due to several reasons and one could be space. You get a garden vibe with a small container. They are also décor pieces for the house and give a vibe of positivity when around you.
  • Fun activity– What would be more fun than creating your own terrarium and watching it grow. Making a terrarium with your loved ones be it your family, friends, or partner, will provide you with the fun and enjoyment lacking together.
  • Creative outlet- If you want to unleash your creativity, a terrarium is a great avenue. There is no right or no wrong in making one. A person can go beyond his creational limits to make whatever he chooses The fact of choosing anything you want also gives a movement of peace of mind.
  • Serenity– keeping greens beside us boost our productivity and cheers us up however the day is. Greens bring liveliness in the room which otherwise lacks there. So, one can imagine what it feels like to keep your own small garden.

So what are you waiting for? Book a workshop for you now.