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In this world, there will be a common perception for both men and women approach for dating differently, because each relationship varies, more when seeing the magazines. A common fact that men will seek women based on youth and beauty. Generally, the dating apps algorithm prefers that men are more interactive to start online dating and the men will approach younger women only and involve in the wide net. On the other side, women’s stereotype is to seek older age men with high-paying jobs and well-educated. The word dating has so many meanings, commonly refers to some time period for two people to explore the relationship into a permanent one. Time determines the people to physically together in public as same as those people in an older period when they prepare to date through text or phone or email. Term dating blog has another meaning that describes the person’s life stage when men or women approaching relationships with different kinds of people. For example, if any unmarried celebrities are met in a public place, they are described as dating each other because they were seen in public together. It is not sure whether they are dating or just friends or initiating a serious relationship. In the other term when people have seen out in public one just a few minutes but¬†they are not committed, they trying the dating period has an initial period. All these come under the example of gender stereotypes which influence dating to navigate. Also, it determines the effects of holding the views of relationships, romantic desires and it leads to social problems. Some educated women are in many countries like Russia, England and America they face problems in career as well as family so they approaching writer to get help how to balance career and relationship. The best advice that comes from them is life and work balance for women is inherent. Most of the societies show that women have to fulfill the primary caregivers and some support from spousal and some service like employers or government or child care. In life, career dating is one of the subjects that create controversy. In the early days, society’s view is reflected from gender roles. For example, mom doesn’t tell to his children that both genders have equal families and careers in her life and society shows that this life was more stressful for women. So that they suggest the woman to marry in the twenties because¬†in that age period only beauty has so it helps to find a correct partner then have children and gets to work in thirties when the kids are in school. This was the life path of women in the early days. There are some debates find around the world that women have to focus on a career in their twenties and also in their thirties. Nowadays the generation and many countries have a certain framework for work-life balance issues the social problem greater than the gender problem. Women have an advent to change the workplace and increase the participation in all fields that equal gender quality, some questions have raised in all genders mind whether to start or when to start a family is a major issue that is around in both men and women.