List of Virtual Escape Rooms

virtual escape room singapore

Virtual escape rooms are web-based escape rooms that are conducted on zoom or any other video conference platform. In this, you can connect your friends or family, even if they are in any corner of the world.

virtual escape room singapore

These virtual escape room singapore have many fun puzzles and many activities for which you need teamwork. The purpose of these experiences is to promote teamwork. These are sometimes called online escape rooms.

  1. The Grimm Escape -It is one of the most popular virtual escape rooms which is created by Puzzle Break. The challenge takes place in a forest accessible via Zoom. The fee for this virtual room is 25 $ per person and you have to book this room in advance.
  2. Mystery Escape Room -If you are looking for an escape room that you can enjoy with your friends, family, and co-workers from the comfort of your home then welcome to Mystery Escape Room. From 4 to 8 people can participate in this room. The fee for this room is 85$ (for the Nancy drew room) or 75$ (for the superhero room).
  3. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar -The National Aquarium created this online adventure. In this, you’ll help Oscar find his award statuette while also learning about sea creatures in an escape room experience that also gives you a virtual tour of the aquarium. It is a free virtual escape room.
  4. Brain Chase – If you’re looking to expand your kids’ educational opportunities while also entertaining them then Brain Chase is made for you. The site also offers a $100 prize to the first person who solves the puzzle of the month. Brain Chase does require a monthly subscription.
  5. Trapped in the Web – The game works on all devices that have internet but we recommend you to play this on a big screen as some of the images can have a lot of small details that you really need to focus on.
  6. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room – If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then this virtual room is for you. It puts you in the shoes of a first-year Hogwarts student who’s learning spells and how to use a wand. It is a free virtual escape room.
  7. Escape: The Midnight Express -To play this game, you’ll need the timer on your phone, a pencil and some paper to get started on this mystery journey. Your mission is to sneak from train car to train car and gather evidence of what the change is to the timeline. This virtual room is absolutely free.
  8. Paruzal Games – They’re designed to put you in charge. The Games take place through Zoom, and the site offers an easy booking process. These puzzles are appropriate for all skill and comfort levels

So, if you are thinking of spending a good time with your family or friends, then these virtual rooms are best for you. Apart from this, many virtual escape rooms are also available on the internet which you can search. Different games with different themes are available. So what are you waiting for? You can tickle and rack your mind and make an escape.