Intake of supplement for weight loss and care of the teeth

new experiment

This thing is not only for the fat belly persons; this is to all who were ever thinking about weight loss through our supplement of in taking. The in taking the supplement is good for health or else bad for health lets we I’ll see here. The take of the supplement is good for health. The fat guys that don’t need to worry about the belly. You can reduce the weight by the taking of the supplement should be added to your daily routine foods. 1st two years back I was also obese my weights touch nearly to 95 kg that’s near to the century for the kilo that I need. Then I have started a new experiment  to reduce the excess fat which was in my belly. I use more supplement to reduce my fat.

We are maintaining the diet for weight loss! 

Then you need to maintain the diet is more important because if you overeat the foods for one day, it was the complete waste that we are in the diet for the last two weeks. So please don’t discontinue the diet which was that you took regularly. And then avoid the junk foods because it contains a lot of the fat if you had the junk food the weight will be increased by day by day. It’s your wish to reduce your weight by in taking of the supplement. This is the reason why we used to maintain the diet.

The result for the hard work and taking a supplement!

new experiment

By eating the supplement daily, I have reduced the weight from the 95 kg to the 56 kg. I have taken this supplement for the five months to 6 months only then I take the hard work to reduce the weight. I have worked hard just for six months only then I have got the incredible result.

About the teeth gum care problem! 

Nowadays, many people were suffered from the teeth gum problem at a small age itself. That my one of my friend in my college was suffering from the gum care for his teeth. Then I had suggested one of the beautiful remedies for the gum care it worked so well the result that you will be seen with in the one week itself. One of the remedies was that you need one small glass then add the one spoon of the turmeric powder in the bowl and add little of the water than what you need to make the turmeric powder as the paste. The turmeric powder paste was now ready to use against the gum bleeding in your teeth. The main thing is that you need not eat before 1 hour of the using this turmeric powder paste and also don’t eat for 1 hour after using the turmeric powder paste remedy 2 hours that you need not be able to eat anything. Apply the paste on the teeth and leave it for 2 minutes and was your teeth. Please do it for one week you will find the result. This is about the gum care treatment.