How to solve your internet and OS issues

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Internet and the operating system plays a vital role in the functionality of the computers. Often people face problems related to the same. With the help of these few simple tips, one can easily resolve the issues arising out of them. The steps need to be followed if not then you can find a choose a service provider around you.

Test the Wi-Fi connection

It is evident that this troubleshooting technique only applies to internet-related problems, one particular type of problem. The method of getting your internet up and running again is to work out where the problem lies, and the detective work is not as tough as it might seem to you. Once you know the issue, you can go about trying to solve it.

If it is possible, plug in the desktop computer or laptop directly into the router with an Ethernet cable. If you still fail to power the internet, and nothing connected to Wi-Fi is getting powered by the internet, like phones and tablets, then the issue might be with the router hardware or the services of your internet service provider, the only option you have is to get on the phone with the company and ask for assistance.

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Wi-Fi networks

If specific devices can go online and others cannot, then that points to issue with the particular tools. We cannot cover every specific problem here, but one can reboot those devices, update the software installed on them, and switch the Wi-Fi off and then back on again to establish the connection from scratch are reasonable primary strategies.

If your machine can get online when plugged in directly to the router but not when it is browsing over Wi-Fi, you may as well be looking at a problem with your Wi-Fi network. Reboot your router and dive into its onboard settings, a fast web search about the router make, and model must be able to get some information about troubleshooting tricks you can try.

Reinstalling the operating system

Reinstallation of Windows or macOS and starting again from the beginning is the most extreme solution of cutting down the bloat. It erases troublesome programs, clears up multiple viruses and categories of malware, resets the internet connectivity settings and generally gives you a clean chit to start again from. You must make sure that all your data backed up before initiating the reinstalling procedure.

What makes this easier is that Microsoft and Apple have made reinstallation of their operating systems so on the point now. In Windows, you can go to Update and security from Settings and then select Reset this PC to get started, whereas on macOS you need to press down Cmd+R as you hold the power button to switch on your Mac to launch the Utilities program.

Reset Windows

Resetting Windows is no more a long and challenging process it once was.

By setting your system back to a clean slate, you are cleaning away everything that was causing the issue you were facing, though there is no guarantee it will work. You also need to weigh up the troubles of getting all your applications and files back on the system afterward, so it’s not the ideal choice of action for everyone in every situation.

It cannot be promised that these tips will solve every problem you are facing. However, they will at least empower you to strike out some elementary possibilities as far as root causes are concerned.