How to find the best miter saw

best mitre saw

A miter saw is a saw used to make accurate crosscuts. This saw is commonly referred as drop saws. When you want to do the wood working you need a saw to cut the material easily and quickly. The best mitre saw serves well. It can easily cut the boards and also crosscuts. A circular saw can cuts the same like a miter saw but it will be more difficult.

Chopsaw vs mitersaw:

best mitre saw

The main difference between the chop saw and a miter saw is that miter saw can rotate and produce the angular cuts chopsaw only cuts straight.

Miter saw tips:

The first step is to use a good blade and miter saw is a powerful tool for short or angled cuts

  • Attach a scrap piece to the fence to create a atop block
  • Cut many pieces of the same length easily
  • Add a hinge to the block in order to move it in and out easily.
  • For sacrificial fence attach a wood fence to the back of your miter saw.this prevents tearout when cutting moulding and trim
  • Add a mark when cutting crown to ensure a correct angle.
  • Remove dust bag and add pvc connector to connect your shop vaccum.
  • Cut wide boards show-side to hide tearout.
  • Keep cuts slow and steady slow and smooth cuts.

Top and best miter saws:

Milwaukee 6955-20 12-inch sliding dual bevel miter saw with digital miter angle fine adjust

  • Imported
  • Miter angle fine adjust
  • Miter angle digital
  • Hitachi c10FCH2 15-amp 10-inch single bevel compound miter saw with laser marker
  • Hitachis laser marker
  • 15 amp motor,
  • 0-52 degree miter

Festool 561287 kapex ks 120 sliding compound miter saw

  • Rail forward design
  • Easily align cuts
  • Micro-adjustable

Wen 70716 10-inch sliding compound miter saw

  • Powerful 15amp motor
  • Includes 60-tooth carbide
  • Spacious worktable

Homecraft H26-260L 10-inch compound miter saw by delta power tools

  • Lightweight unit
  • Works with virtually
  • Spindle lock hold

Jet JMS-12CMS 12-inch dual-bevel slide compound miter saw

  • Powerful 15amp motor
  • Innovative green xacta
  • Upfront controls

Can a miter saw cut metal: yes a miter saw  can cut a metal by using the appropriate blade it is limited when you want to cut the aluminium you will need proper blades for this carbide blades are used for cutting the aluminium.and it cannot cut the large amount of metal it can cut only a few pieces if the blades have an appropriate blade configuration.

Miter saw safety tips:

Different saw have different functions so you need to aware of anything that’s unique about your saw and have a good pair of a safety glasses,this will protect your eyes from perhaps little piece of ood that might fly off the saw blade and that can really cause some serious injuries so anytime you are cutting with a miter saw you should have your safety glasses on.


If you are cutting very long material which is also have some kind of stand on either side that will brace your long material when you cut through it  it does not fall down.for your own safety read your instructions manual before operating the miter saw.