How much a traveling guide earn for a year?

The blog traveller should be travel with their all accessories like a backpack, dresses, lights, money, etc. With these things, a first aid kit also is most important. The travel guide is nothing but a book that has lots of information about the places that will be useful to tourists. There are many best travel guides such as rough guides, insight guides, lonely planet, etc. $11.32 is the earning of the travel guide. The travel guide is one of the gifted jobs. The travel guide works from 8 to 12 hours per day. Sometimes they work till 15 hours a day. In some countries, the travel guide will earn 2.35 dollars per hour.

How those guides are called?

The travel guide is also known as the guide providing information about something. The work of the travel guide is making all the arrangements needed for the customer. The travel guide should know knowing the information about the places, easy way of communication according to the places and flexibility with customers, etc. There are many travel websites. Some of them are Expedia, Priceline, kayak, etc. The cheapest travel websites are Travelocity, Skyscanner, Travelzoo, etc. The travel guide should have six skills such as communication skills, high energy, personality, great memory, humour, and professional skills. The travel guide should know the destination of the places. If we have the old guide book we can sell it in the bookstore or online. The tourists expect from the travel guide are they should know the correct route, handling us softly, answering the questions from us, etc. The travel guide has responsibilities like planning, organizing, problem-solving, translating, and many things to the tourists. The travel guide is a good job but there are many competitors. The types of travel guides are heritage, culture, adventure, forest, business; coach, nature and special interest are the different types of travel guides. There are some other names for travel guides such as chaperon, escort, cicerone, and docent. If you need to become a travel guide you need to have a high school qualification. The guide can also be called a steer. Example for guidance: guiding a fresher student to reach his classroom. You should have a license according to the area if you are willing to work in the US as a travel guide. There are also private companies hiring a job on the travel guide. The travel guide should be good both physically and mentally because he should be active and make correct guidance to the tourists. In some countries, the travel guide earns more than 1lakh per month. In the USA the travel guide earns 1 to 2 lakhs. $38,411 was the earnings of an international travel guide in the USA per year. There are also many courses to become a travel guide. There are three types of courses such as certificate courses, diploma courses, and degree courses. This travel guide job makes us travel everywhere in the world where the customers want to visit. The limitation of time is not there. In both, the private and public sectors the travel guide jobs are mostly available for all.