How does the automatic system work? Can this process do in industries too?

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With more and more new systems, everything happens automatically on its own without the help of human beings. Normally there are two kinds of work that are manual work and automatic work. Well, the automatic way is more convenient than the manual way. In automatic work, we don’t need to on or off the switch. The automatic way is more energy efficient. For example, think that you are in a dark room. And the thing which you should do when you are entering a dark room is to turn on the light. If it is a manual method you should turn the light on which is present in the wall. And if it is an automation way, instead of a wall switch you will have a sensor inside the room. The sensors used to have contact in an open manner with it like a switch. Sensors work by sensing the object or human. Sensors will be always on and if someone enters the room the contract used to get closed in this way, the light turns on automatically.

And when you leave the room when there is no one left in the room the contact between the sensors will be opened and the light gets automatically off. So having a sensor in the house, you need not search for the switch at the night time. This is the new technology that makes everything in an automatic manner with its own and without the help of a human.

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By considering this process used to say, you switch on a light the work is done manually. And when the sensors do the work it is done automatically.

Now think about the manual and automatic concept in factories and industries. The product which is manufactured there will be a start line and as well as the finish line in the work. The starting procedure in manufacturing is the materials are brought in to the factory. And the last line is the place where this product has been ready, for shipment. In the start line and finish line, there is another process that turns materials that are raw to the final manufactured product.

Let us consider the materials which are raw as an input of this process as well as the output is considered by the final product. Here the manufacturing process which happens either automatically or manually.

How manual work is done in the industries?

For manual work, we should hire some workers to work but if it is an automatic work, we should put a machine in that can complete the manufacturing process as a whole.

How to install automatic machines for my industry?

To install automatic machines in your factory you have to hire a firm. After installing the manufacturing automatic process, you will only fewer employees with more machinery. Here instead of workers in future methodology, the machines used to do most works in the manufacturing site. Compared to the employer’s work machine works is fast accurate and hassle-free.