Greater Choices for the Perfect Jaipur Visits

Jaipur is the best bazaar for those who want to buy something of better quality, especially saris and traditional Indian clothing. Enter the inner alleys and indulge in the hundreds of women who choose saris or try on wedding clothes. Prices are not very cheap but you have to discuss them. Already the products are magnificent. You can visit Jaipur from Delhi and for that a visit through taxi is the right step. You can make a visit to in this case.

Jama Mashid

Friday’s mosque in Jaipur city almost goes unnoticed at Johari Bazaar. However, if you are aware, it has a magnificent fa├žade and the entrance staircase leads to a quiet and quiet interior in this Indian city.

Siredeori Bazaar

Also known as the Hawa Mahal Bazaar, as it surrounds the magnificent facade of the Hawa Mahal, it is full of craft shops and tourist souvenirs. It has beautiful articles and at good prices, especially textiles.

Tripolia Bazaar

Between Badi Chaupar Crossing and Tripoli Gate there is the Tripolia Bazaar, one of the oldest in the city. This bazaar has lots of Rajasthan bracelet sellers, but also many varied items.

Iswari Minar

Known as the Swarga Sal Minaret, Iswari Minar is a minaret near the City Palace and can be climbed for a more panoramic view of the city. Climbing the minaret costs 200 rupees but may be a good option. A free and even more magnificent alternative is to climb to the top of the Hindu temple which is opposite the street of Tripoli bazaar.

Maniharon ka Rasta

This bazaar is right in front of the minaret and is worth a walk there to see some bracelet workshops, as well as bookstores.

Khajane Walon Ka Rasta

This bazaar, already in the western part of the old city, is full of varied shops frequented especially by local people and few tourists. There are interesting shops, especially with regard to stonework and sculpture workshops.

Indra Bazaar

This is a bazaar frequented especially by local people, so it is easier to find good prices. The downside is that it has few articles that might interest Western tourists, but it is a good place to feel the rhythm of Jaipur city.

Tarkeswar Temple

This magnificent Hindu temple, in the middle of Chaura Bazaar, is a beautiful place to experience Hindu devotion. The temple is decorated with various fantastic and colorful statues of Hindu gods and has a huge representation of Nandi.

Jal Mahal, the Water Palace

The Water Palace is on the road linking Amber to Jaipur so it is easy to combine these two visits. The palace was built to serve as a royal family resort and was the setting for many maharajah parties. You can only see it in the distance from the lakefront park. Outside the monsoon season the lake has no water.

Royal Gaitor

In the vicinity of Jaipur are the cenotaphs of Rajasthan’s royal families. They are the funeral memorials of some of the main maharajas. Most striking is that of Jai Singh, the founder of the city of Jaipur, a marble building with 20 marble pillars.