Full financing for the house: questions, answers & tips


A full financing of the house is a mortgage without equity. The bank grants the real estate loan in full. Without saving long, the home purchase or house construction or จัดไฟแนนซ์รถยนต์ can be realized.

What does the full financing of a house mean?

In the full financing of a home buyer or builder brings no equity with the home financing one. He borrows the total amount from the bank. The term full funding here is not clear: either meant that only the purchase price of the property fully funded is or is called full funding that the related costs in buying a house or apartment purchase acquired by the Bank are. By land transfer tax, notary fees and brokerage fees, an amount of about 9-16% of the purchase price can be achieved.

It is therefore recommended by finance experts that the buyer pays at least the purchase costs themselves, so that he gets a good interest rate and the probability of approval is increased. However, since the interest rate level is already very low anyway, full financing without any own funds is possible in exceptional cases, provided that the financing bank agrees. Because: In the time in which one already lives in one’s own house, the borrower saves the rent. In most cases, full-financing with a higher interest rate is the more attractive form of home financing than the long-term saving of equity while continuing to pay rent.


Who receives a full financing without equity for his house?

While homebuyers can raise 10-20% of their equity, usually get their own home financed without a hitch, it is harder for full-financers to invest without any own funds. Banks usually require a high income and a secure job. How else does the bank calculate how much money the customer has available on a monthly basis and whether real estate financing fits into the budget? In the case of full financing, a larger buffer is usually included than with equity financing.

Mortgage lending as full financing: Calculator

With calculator, you can calculate the mortgage lending as a full financing. Professionals will check the loan offers of approx. 400 banks without obligation. Since the conditions for granting home equity financing without a bank are very different, it is important to compare as many banks as possible.

Which banks are eligible for full financing of the house?

It is not possible to name concrete lenders for full house financing, since each bank decides according to other criteria whether or not it grants a home loan. While one bank’s personal details of the borrower are particularly important occupation, age, marital status, the other bank focuses on the loan amount and the next bank is mainly interested in possible collateral of the applicant. Due to the different focus areas, many banks should be compared before full funding is declared overly priced or declared unworkable.

Do I really need full funding? How do I get equity?

Most prospective buyers think they have no equity because they have no significant savings on a savings or checking account. However, equity can also be generated differently, and the advice of an immoverkauf24 financing expert brings unforeseen collateral and funds into the financing.