Finer Choices for the Best Utensil Cleaning

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Every cook has one day or another found himself confronted with the misadventure of the stainless steel pan or the burning stainless steel pan. Diverted a few minutes of our preparation, an oversight on the fire quickly arrived. With the swedish wholesale items, you can have the best choices now.

The cooking continues until an unpleasant odor pervades the kitchen, that of a bottom stove or pan burnt. The situation can also happen when cooking over too much fire for too long. To regain the radiance of your stove or saucepan in burnt stainless steel, experts give you its best advice.

Recover a Burnished Inox Casserole or a Stove With Solder Bicarbonate

The best ally in many everyday situations, baking soda is also in the kitchen. Non-toxic and biodegradable, it is in the form of a white powder. It is effective especially if it is used in the form of a paste. In the case of a stainless steel saucepan, it is advisable to proceed as follows:

  • Mix the baking soda with a little water, which will form a paste.
  • Boil a few minutes
  • Let cool
  • Rub with a sponge or non-abrasive brush to remove burnt deposits

The ideal is to let the baking soda act a whole night. You can apply this method for a stainless steel pan that has suffered the same fate.

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White Vinegar, a Solution for Cleaning the Bottom of a Burnished Kerner

White vinegar always makes a splash no matter where in the house: descaling faucets, coffee maker or kettle, cleaning windows or even cleaning the dishwasher. Combining white vinegar with baking soda also brings effective results to recover the burnt bottom of a stainless steel pan.

  • Pour in equal quantities white vinegar and water
  • Add a tablespoon of baking soda
  • As soon as the foam forms, place the pan or stainless steel pan on your baking tray and boil for 10 minutes.
  • Let cool and rub with a non-abrasive brush
  • Renew the operation if necessary

Good to know: alcohol vinegar and bicarbonate are also good for this type of cleaning. Just mix them up and let time do things. The burned deposits dissolve. There is no need to heat the mixture.

Efficient Citric Acid For The Cleaning Of Burnished Stainless Steel Casseroles and Stoves

To recover a burnt pan, you can use citric acid, a product of natural origin.

  • Pour 2 to 3 tablespoons into your container
  • Fill with boiling water
  • Leave at least 30 minutes
  • Rub with a non-abrasive brush

Depending on the degree of burn of your stainless steel cooking utensil, the operation may need to be renewed.

Tips for Cleaning a Burnished Stove or Stove

The first tip is not to wait and take care immediately of your pan or pan in stainless steel.

Depending on the burn level of your stainless steel container, the operation may need to be renewed. It is strongly discouraged, in any case, to use an abrasive to remove the burnt from the bottom of the pan or pan.

Do not use accessories that may scratch the stainless steel. Prefer the use of a wooden spoon, a sponge, a non-abrasive brush or a cloth to detach the burned particles from the bottom of your stainless steel container.

Prohibit the bleach. This product is certainly very powerful but remains toxic. In addition, it will destroy your stainless steel immediately.