Fine Party And the Remix Song

con heo dat remix

Maybe they will pay you for it or maybe in your family, there is no one else who has some skill with juggling or some basic notions of balloon twisting. Be that as it may, if you have embarked on the adventure of entertaining a group of children during a birthday party, a communion or some other event, then you are brave. The use of the con heo dat remix comes perfectly there.

In a world where video games are the queens of children’s entertainment, getting to entertain several children with colored balls and figures made with balloons is a feat.

But do not fear, then we will propose some tips and tricks that will help you unseat the machine, if only for the duration of the party.

Do not trust

The problem with having a certain skill for juggling or for ballooning is that we trust ourselves too much. That is, we think that our ability is enough to entertain children at a party.

con heo dat remix

You may know how to juggle three balls or make flowers and puppies with balloons, but spending a whole party spinning three balls or making flowers and puppies with balloons will not be enough.

So, taking into account the above, it is convenient that you increase your repertoire. This means that you will have to prepare the party, practice some new juggling games or learn how to make other figures with balloons.

If you can, combine juggling and balloon twisting

If you are skilled and juggling, then it is best to do both things at the party. That will provide you with a greater variety and will help you not to fall into monotony. On the other hand, if you are several animators then you should definitely combine juggling and balloon twisting.

  • As far as the song is concerned, it allows us to meet the requests of figures of more children at the same time , in fact it allows, in parties with many guests, that you divide into groups, which enlivens the party, especially because children do not They have to wait a long time to receive their balloon.
  • As far as juggling is concerned, you could dare to do some joint trick. These tricks attract a lot of attention from the little ones and guarantee that you will have them in silence and with their mouths open for a long time.
  • In addition, there are many other options that can be adapted well to the shows, the case is to have imagination and get away from what everyone does. For example, soap bubbles, especially those of giant size, entertain children very much and are very easy to make. Fantasy makeup, making not very complicated designs, can also be very fun for them.

Some secrets about juggling

The main secret of juggling games is summed up in one word: practice. Now, “practicing” does not mean making all the time the only movement we know how to make. To train, there are a series of exercises that will help you coordinate the movements of your hands and outline your reflexes. These are exercises that will give you skill in both hands and that have a progressive difficulty. You can get a specialized book or DVD. On the Internet you can also find an entire series of exercises, for example here, accompanied by an animated GIF that shows the movement to be performed.