Fine and Essential Options for the Proper Electricity Storage

Electricity Rates

The graph shows us how the radiant calamity has the ideal comfort, in this article we will go into tricks to save on heating by radiators. By the way, we have an article about the advantages and types of radiant soil where you can verify the suitability of this system. To make the Electricity Rates proper you need to be specific on these parts.

Tips to save on heating:

  • For each degree more than the heating increases, it represents an economic increase of 7% in consumption.
  • The maintenance of the boilers is one of the main issues that we forget and that can save us up to 15% per year.
  • It is important that the furniture does not cover the radiators and they must be clean. We are hindering the diffusion of hot air over the dining room, living room, hallways, bedrooms etc.
  • At the beginning of the season, by the fall, the radiators must be purged so that they do not have air inside that will hinder the transmission of heat from the water to the outside air.
  • The optimization of heating installations is important as well as their renovation or insulation.

How to save energy in facilities

Electricity Rates

The use of weather strips in windows and doors is a simple trick that directly plugs the air inlet and constantly collaborates in maintaining the interior temperature of the house. Another useful advice is to see that facade that falls the Sun and be attentive to raise the blinds to take advantage of the rays and that heat that will bring us.

In some cases there are people who use dark colored curtains or carpets that absorb solar radiation helping to raise the temperature of the rooms. They are small tips that together will save us a few dollars at the end of the month remembering that biomass boilers and stoves with pellets or aero-thermal facilities are a good alternative to the traditional money-saving radiator.

Placing sunscreens

Among the different tricks to save light, using some type of sun protection on the exterior carpentry of the facade of our house or even on the terrace where we have access to the house especially in summer will provide us with an energy benefit by spending less electricity.

We have to be clear that we should use the one that best suits our needs and our budget. Starting from this, we mainly have three sun protection systems:

The awnings can be of the conventional type, extensible awnings, hoods or some type of curtain. You can learn more from the advantages article of the awnings and their types.

The blinds can be Venetian, folding, roller, adjustable etc. It must be taken into account that there are different systems that make up the plank itself, among which are those of horizontal and vertical slats, fixed or mobile. You can learn more from the advantages of blinds and their types. The pergolas are more oriented to terraces. It does have its function and importance. To understand it better we add the following scheme:

Sunscreen energy benefit

These sun protection measures prevent overheating of our home and reduce the cost of cooling that according to statistics we would find between 5 and 30%. As we have seen in the graph, there are four key points for its effectiveness. The key points are the layout, orientation, color and ventilation.

Now we know a little more about strategies for how to save electricity at home but there’s more.