Fertility Solutions with the Perfect Choices You Can Take


According to a study by University researchers published in Fertility and Sterility and Physiology and behavior, simply having more sex increases women’s fertility, as it increases fertility, prepares the female immune system for pregnancy and helps keep the uterus healthy. According to doctors, the immune systems of sexually active women have prepared in advance for the mere possibility of pregnancy. Increased sexual activity sends a message to the immune system that it is time for reproduction. With the IUI option, you can have the perfect.

Give sperm ball:

The Assisted Reproduction Institute in Barcelona, ​​Spain, has developed a kind of tampon to increase the chances of pregnancy that goes inside the vagina and gives music. After the so-called embryonic transfer, the final step in the in the vitro fertilization process, the woman should introduce the device as a tampon once or twice a day for 20 to 30 minutes until the day of the consultation if you are pregnant or not.

The device connects to an ordinary iPod or MP3 and according to the interview given by researchers. The musical vibrations make it easier for sperm to meet the egg. The eggs that undergo these musical vibrations improve the fertilization rate by about 5%. The study was done to 400 women and has already been endorsed by the Society of Embryology.


Music work best

Experts have not yet come to a conclusion about what types of music work best: there are those who choose Mozart, but also Nirvana or Queen. The big news is the sound level to which sperm and egg are exposed: The method is most effective when the music volume is around 52 decibels, which roughly corresponds to a low-pitched conversation. This level of vibration is most similar to the natural contractions of the uterus, which carry the eggs through the fallopian tubes to meet the sperm in the womb says the researcher.

The basic therapy

Infertility is the absence of pregnancy after one year of well-distributed attempts throughout the menstrual cycle or without the use of contraceptive methods. It is estimated that 15% of couples will have some type of infertility during their reproductive life. Approximately 40% of infertility cases are female, 40% male and 10% both. Unidentifiable cases correspond to the remaining 10%.

The main causes of infertility in women are:

  • Changes in ovulation doctors
  • Obstruction in the fallopian tubes doctors
  • Uterine myoma doctors
  • Uterine malformations doctors
  • Ovarian cysts doctors
  • Ovarian insufficiency doctors
  • Endometriosis doctors
  • Endocrinological alterations doctors
  • Immunological infertility doctors
  • Genetic alterations doctors
  • Anti-fostolipid antibody syndrome doctors

Endometriosis: How to Care and Treat

The main causes of infertility in men are azoospermia when there is no production of sperm and oligospermia low amount of sperm. These conditions can be caused by some diseases such as varicocele, testicular insufficiency, presence of anti-sperm antibodies, absence of vas deferens and testicular cancer.

To determine the cause of couple infertility, it is important to have a good medical history, with data on personal history, family history, habits, complaints, menstrual cycle, medication use and obstetric history if any, and physical, general and complete gynecological.

The specialist may also order tests to investigate female causes of infertility such as hysterosalpingography, a transvaginal ultrasound, anti-Mullerian hormone, hysteroscopy, hormonal examinations and endometrial biopsy.