Evolution of the Volkswagen caddy van

new vw caddy

new vw caddy

  • This Volkswagen caddy van is a model designed by the combination of both utility van and the golf structured.
  • Volkswagen is the company that introduces this kind and restructuring it year by year and making it to a better one than before.
  • They have reached the five generations and they never missed to give the betterment from the previous generation. This case people started loving this model and this helps most of them for the work and also for the travel.
  • This can hold a minimum of seven people so the travel or tour becomes easy for the customers and this have very free space to take the goods and that helps in the work side.
  • This gives the two in one service for the lowest price that is the main reason for the success of this model every time.
  • The new vw caddy  holds many different features along with comfort. The last version of this model is caddy maxi life this is even larger than the caddy van. Let us see the generation wise,

Generations of caddy van:

  • 1st generation – The first generation of the Caddy van was launched in the year 1973 as it was the best van during that time and the revolution of this van lasted till 1996. That time this van is one of the fast-flowing vans of the market and the attraction of this van by the people was unpredictable. We could see 3 out of 5 van buyers prefer this VW van. Due to the development and the advanced technology, this van became down and people can find many different varieties in the market for that they invented the next model.
  • 2nd generation – This second generation of the Volkswagen van is also the best selling van during that time. Volkswagen gave the best effort and produced the car with phenomenal structure thus they made the other company products to get back and this stands in the first place again. This revolution happened in the year 2003. Each time they go with the best and quality products along with the unique specifications.
  • 3rd generation – This change did not happen because of the downgrade the company itself launched the upgrade of the next version of the van. This upgrade happened in the year of 2017. This includes the best and the restyled structure of the old model people started loving the updated version of the van and showed their interest in it.
  • 4th and 5th generation: The both fourth and fifth generations do not hold with many different options and updates but the fourth generation is the caddy van that gives more space and comfortability than the previous generation and the fifth generation has the advanced feature in the cluster, light, speed, diesel tank and in the engine and it is named as caddy maxi life as we saw this before. Though it has a very slight update than the fourth generation it gives the best performance.

These are the brief of the Volkswagen caddy van evolution.