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Did you know that a house loses up to 30% of its heat if the roof is not insulated? Insulating your roof is therefore worth the investment. To insulate a roof, count around 40 dollars per square meter. This price is indicative and will depend on the type of roof sloping or flat and the materials used. With the TXU Energy Texas you need the best options.

TXU Energy Texas

Do you want more information on the insulation of your roof?

The hollow wall is the space between the interior wall and the exterior wall of your home. The hollow wall prevents humidity problems in the home, but also has an insulating function. It is quite possible to insulate a hollow wall. Insulation of a hollow wall is possible from 17 dollars per square meter.

You want to know everything about insulating your walls. Discover the guides developed by the Architecture and Climate research unit on the energy website.

Since 2020, all dwellings must have roof or attic insulation. In order to bring you into compliance, the official website of the authorities tells you the premiums to which you are entitled. You will also find answers too many frequently asked questions.

In this country, you also benefit from a premium for the insulation of the roof, the ground or the hollow walls. On this country’s Public Service website, you will find all the information and the amount of the premiums. There is a famous boost for all those who want to save energy. The Capital Region provides a wealth of information on insulation and investment premiums to which residents are entitled.

Do you want to reduce insulation costs?

Have you thought about doing it yourself in your spare time? Get good advice so that your efforts are rewarded. Heat losses are not only due to a poorly insulated roof or walls, but the condition of your windows is also just as important. Are your windows still single glazed? Note that double glazed windows allow 4 to 6 times less loss. Then opt for high-performance glass.

Regularly check all meter readings.

You will then be aware of your behavior and will be able to detect problems immediately. You will notice much faster water leaks or abnormal peaks in power consumption.

You can easily remove the cold air that infiltrates through windows and doors with insulating joints. It is an easy and economical intervention that eliminates this barely visible loss of energy in no time. You will find equipment to quickly save energy in all DIY stores.

Hot water at the right temperature flows through the piping to this invigorating shower or this relaxing bath. But if your pipes are not well insulated, a precious amount of heat escapes. If you have a cellar, there is a good chance that your water pipes are exposed to the cold. Insulating your water pipes is easy to do yourself. A quick visit to a DIY store and you can get to work, with a very limited investment; you will already find insulation material for water pipes from 3 dollars per meter.

The boiler is also an element of heat loss.

Did you know that you can reduce heat loss by 90% by isolating the water tank? Effective insulation must be 10 cm thick. You can choose from a variety of materials such as polyurethane foam, mineral wool or polystyrene. Preferably choose materials that you can place on the boiler without having to fix them.