Common Garage Door Issues

Garage Doors Repairs Attleborough

The lives of Garage Doors Repairs Attleborough are fairly straightforward. Year after year, they go up, down, up, down until they don’t function the way they should. Fortunately, the simple function typically results in straightforward repairs. Even the most dependable old garage doors will break down or need significant repairs at times.

Quick Fixes and Basic Maintenance

Garage Doors Repairs Attleborough

If your garage door is working properly right now, you can almost forever keep it that way if you follow a basic inspection and maintenance routine. The same advice will help with issues that are only starting to appear:

  • Inspect the garage door’s rollers and tracks. If you can’t recall the last time you brushed the rollers and tracks, now is the time to do so, as well as lubricate the rollers and axles. Roller bearings may also wear out, so repair any rollers that aren’t running smoothly.
  • Tighten the screws and bolts. The rollers on an overhead garage door are driven by tracks mounted in sections and bracketed to the garage. Make sure the parts are securely fastened and that the brackets’ screws and bolts are tight.
  • Make sure the cables and pulleys are in good working order. Cables and pulleys in spring-operated garage doors will wear out over time. Frayed cables and broken pulleys must be patched, and this is a task best left to the pros.
  • Make sure the door is balanced. To lift a garage door and down, just a few pounds of pressure should be applied. A power garage door opener can work harder to raise the door if the springs wear out and lose their resiliency. This can easily wear down the opener’s motor. Skilled technicians are normally called in to replace worn-out springs.
  • Check the door opener’s auto-reverse function. If a garage door opener hits an obstacle on the way down to the floor, it will automatically reverse and raise the door. The heavy door presents a safety threat if this function no longer functions properly, and the door opener should be fixed or replaced.

If none of these solutions solves the dilemma, or if you’d rather not deal with the door yourself, hire a professional garage door repairs and install technician.

Concerns about safety

Overhead garage doors cannot weigh hundreds of pounds, and those that aren’t well preserved nor have older reflex garage door openers can be risky time bombs. Modern automatic door openers with auto-stop and auto-reverse mechanisms have significantly reduced such accidents2, but if the door and door opener are not properly maintained, mishaps can still occur. Installing a new garage door opener is not only a convenience, but it is also a matter of family safety when a garage door opener is very old or fails to function properly.

Security Concerns

Thousands of money worth of equipment and household items, not to mention your car, is likely stored in the garage you take for granted. However, intruders find it relatively easy to gain access to this area. Installing a new garage door opener with revolving digital codes, which can fool even the most tech-savvy burglars, can significantly improve garage security.