Choosing Your Options for Wales Travel

Welsh activity holidays

You have done well to choose Wales, this Celtic destination off the beaten track, you will be pleasantly surprised. On the program: beautiful sandy beaches just for you, mountains, a multitude of powerful castles and lots of sheep, and 4per 1 inhabitant. When it comes to the Welsh activity holidays then you can be the best option.

North Wales is literally dominated by the Snowdon (YrWyddfa in Welsh), 1,085 m, and the highest point of the Cambrian Mountains, very old wild mountains, dotted with lakes, waterfalls, forests and bare plateaus.

Experienced hikers and hikers will find something to their delight in South Wales, on the steep cliffs of the Pembrokeshire Coast or in the famous Brecon Beacons Park. Do not miss Cardiff, the dynamic capital of Wales and rugby stronghold.

Like the Bretons, the Welsh are proud of their culture and if like Prince Charles of Wales, You make an effort to gossip a few words in the language of the country, for sure, you will not fear them anymore. Red dragons, good luck anyway, it’s not won.

Wales. A nation we do not necessarily hear about when it is right next to France, or the English capital, London. It’s a place full of surprises, still spared from mass tourism, just waiting to be discovered by curious travelers. Here is the list of things you should not miss on your trip to Wales.

What to visit in Wales?

Before talking about a visit, let’s talk about arrival. You have two main solutions to go to Wales either Liverpool to the north which is technically not in Wales, but right next door or Cardiff, to the south, which is the capital of the nation. Personally, we opted for Liverpool because the flights were cheaper via EasyJet. Arriving at the north, we necessarily concentrated all my visits on this part of Wales and not Whales because it means whales. Concretely, on a map, it gives: otherwise, know that London is about 3 hours away, so the double trip can combine quite easily.

Zip World: Bounce Bellow

Ok, that’s clearly un-missable. We did not think to find such a crazy place in my life, and yet it does exist. We present you Bounce Bellow, a huge spot for a trampoline in caves.

Is not heaven on earth? Whether for children or older, we have rarely seen so many people with a smile as in this place. Frankly, go for it. The price remains acceptable for the madness of the place of this activity and the costs that it has generated to create everything: 25 pounds per person for an hour. And we prefer to tell you right away: we were not proud after an hour of the trampoline. It tires this thing.


Portmeirion country of Wales we never thought of discovering such a village in Wales. It is so colorful, so unique. Moreover, its history is also because this village was created by a billionaire architect known for its eccentricity, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis.

Welsh activity holidays

Conwy and his castle

Conwy is the kind of place you can imagine in Wales. We speak to you of a magnificent fortified city of about 15,000 inhabitants. Conwy is one of the most popular places in Wales, thanks to its 13th-century castle, which is in excellent condition. Conwy is one of the most popular places in Wales, thanks to its 13th-century castle, which is in excellent condition.