Building construction with various phase

An expensive thing is buying a house or building a new house. The activity of putting together it’s a term for construction for engineers due to different designs, and plan to create a structure according to the place. If you have an idea to build a large structure you must have an idea and a clear plan to built. We need many members to build a house and their goal builds a structure it must be in the high standard building by everyone many buildings in our historical period remain as unimaginable for example Taj mahal its look like ivory white marbles it is also a build with different and complicated design in .Now it developing like 2 D or 3D models many of them planned to build my dream house, with various design and according to country and their culture-building structure and design also different from one another everything interior and outer design also changed and they use different quality and different bricks

 Constructing with their types

There are many different categories mainly there are three types they are

  • Building and house
  • Public work
  • Industrial type structure

In this category of construction has many subcategories. Building or house, some of them build their house with a high budget plan or other some of the house is built with high budget building and it must be with architecture help and high-quality building materials. For public works they need to be worked based on contract many people will work more than building a house with high budgets and quality may be less than constructing, a house. In industrial type structure, they may except 2 D or 3 D dimensions and the worker for this type may higher than others and also budget heavy for this type of building. It takes heavy stores.

Phase of construction

Through the conceptual phase, the work will be for the start in construe, on this phase, may involve in various individual works and make it together. It involves material, equipment, and constructors for the large site heavy machinery that may be used for constructing. In the commission phrase, heavy machines and equipment must well test be re-entered to the operation. The original concept has a good life by the phase is O & M phase is also called a phase. This phase is used regularly. For any construction, they will finish the work by fitting a  natural stone and from glass, aluminum, glass fiber sheet, roof tiles, wood, And finally cupboards.  Before the handover, to its owner, they must visit everything and check the things and buildings and in the high store building, have to work hard to finish because of periods for the building they for less period heavy members. While the construction they need to check the concert and most of the concert for the design. For the public work, they may offer a low budget and make them build high that type of building they expect quality and life for the building. But construction a house they expect life and the high quality for the building. End of the contract and the contractor they may except feedback from the owner of the building. After that building owner or management must maintain the building until it settles.