Best and good wood of pine

Zirbenholz zum Basteln

Genus family. It leads to the family of Pinaceae which is abruptly meant for the family of coniferous and mostly which is fully filled with spines not to touch easily.  This gets you the knowledge of pines Zirbenholz zum Basteln of the article in the upcoming points.


They also have characteristics of

Woods of fine-grained,

Cones as in woody,

Leaves of spine shaped,


Zirbenholz zum Basteln

Scales are membranous.

Value in economics.


The Pinaceae is divided into species





The pines family of Pinaceae are off in the number of divisions

Kingdom Plantae



Sub families

The pines also have subfamilies they are






The disease based on the pine works for humans are listed below

Eye irritation

Throat irritation

Nose irritation

Lung disease

Chronic disease

Usage of pine wood

The pinewood can be used for the people in many ways in that some of the purposes have proceeded in these cases

Furniture for houses, buildings, etc…

Pulp of wood

Making of paper



Old film methods for photography

To build bridges


The defects adopted by a pinewood are

Due to atmospheric reduction the carbon dioxide of co2 decreases

Also, lead to a growth defect of global warming these are the points which we would have been seen in the previous article that is of recap.


As it is also known as softwood it can be easily damaged more

Have the tendency to increase prone compared to all other timber

Shrinking and swelling happens when seasons change

Mainly problem causes during paintwork

Can make easy scratches and even more dents

Have the features of knotholes and more knots

Causes often lumbar defects


Options of grain are attractive

Very light in weight

Reinforcement doesn’t occur

Elasticity is good it is cheaper than hardwood


Pinus halepensis

Pinus Taeda

Scots Pine

Eastern White Pine

Pinus Cembra

Stone Pine

Pinus Nigra

Mountain pine

Pinus Rigida

Pinus Palustris

Pinus Densiflora

Pinus Radiata

Sugar pine

Caribbean Pine

These are some of the pine types all over the world which are used to mention here.


Its durability


Have any number of benefits when compared to PVC which is abbreviated as Poly Vinyl Chloride

They have more than 100 species all over the world

Have light in weight

The open grain is present

Some of the properties based on a pine

Best wood

They have yellow or white in color. Mostly the yellow pine has much sap and will be more weather resistant.  The white pine is best for paint workings which are mostly found in 0ne by lumber. The thumb of a good rule which is mostly called two-by lumber. The durability of the pine is almost 50-60 years although the outer surface durability is 10-15 years. In some places structure of pine and timber leads more than or even by nearly 30 years of old. It resists highly for wrapping and even more often used as pieces that are in rustic like style tables in the farmhouse and used in a great level of kid’s furniture. As this is the reason to call it as best and as well as good wood.