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Daintree Condo

Daintree Residence is situated at the residential lands of Bukit Timah. Bukit Timah comprises some of the foremost thicknesses of private and wealthy housing in the country, with comfortable condo parts traded at values that match the demand of the location and their interior facilities. The site is tactically situated within walking distance to loveliness world MRT station. The high-value plot remains to suggest attention as an area that now holds some of the most luxurious, well-appointed housing units in Singapore. The lengthiest road in Singapore, the Bukit Timah road, can be established in this area widening many kilometres lengthy. It is nearly difficult to find the perfect property or home. Daintree Residence will be constructed with lavish greenery designing; residents will enjoy the mood as if you are close to the environment. Their is a single bedroom to four-bedroom types with most parts are north or south facing. Tranquillity pushed along a quiet reserve, spotted with sunlight and shadow, a luxurious milestone stands gratified. At this time, light, air, space, and greenery join to make an extensive rainforest covering for living at its most comfortable. Further than just a home, it is a charming paradise wherever nature is your park. The high-class house of choice, Daintree residence offers you to find your place on the luxurious side of life.


Daintree Residence

A spatial living nature preserves to lease life flow. Inside the gesturing distance of the traditional raintree, the mounting and pretty bases motivate a calming link with nature. Supervising the sparkling blue waters of the fifty-meter ease pool, this brave clarification of twisted living with a three hundred canopy allows you to take in the superb view of the valley and the rain forest. The lovely lawn of Daintree Residence is the pleasing home of the traditional raintree, a royal green milestone that sounds coming back an era of eternal stylishness, and a tradition of sophisticated living that cultivates the good life. A welcome interval from every day, its simple existence that suggests renewal and recreation. The architectural difficulty of Daintree created an endless flow of landscape see pages. This can be taken gorgeously by its sign identity. Departure into your secluded reserve every time you want in this gorgeously selected space. With only the supreme textures advancing an air of luxury.

Flawlessly Linked A Few Steps From Attractiveness. Just a few instants ways of walking will get you to the Beauty World MRT place on the Inner-city Line, your entry to unified connectivity. Getting the Central Business District is a wind, safeguarding a rapid voyage to work every day. By a home just outdoor the town, you can replace it with comfort between the call of city enthusiasm and the amenities of neighbouring Bukit Timah Road. Suitably close to facilities, Daintree Residence is a turn away from Bukit Timah Shop Centre, Beauty World Plaza, and the prevalent restaurants laterally Cheong Chin Nam Road. Henceforth, the people will love unified connectivity to the main city center and inner-city areas of Singapore. For persons who are not motivating and are functioning in these business and economic districts, being adjacent to an MRT location would be an advantageous opinion.