AdBlock – A process that may help you

Ad Blocking is a process of blocking ads that appear in between contents in a web page. Online ads exist in many forms. They may be pictures, animations, web banners, embedded audio, and video. Most of the browsers allow to alter or remove advertisements either by targeting technologies that are used to deliver ads or by targeting URLs which are the source of ads.  They may also target the behavior characteristic of ads such as autoplay of both audio and video

Users may choose AdBlock for several issues. Generally, people don’t like to spend time on things that are not of their interest. Wasting time on unwanted ads is not worthy.


Advantages of Adblockers:

  1. To save Data and money: Ad blocking can save a lot of money for the user. People earn for their time. As time is money these days every minute is very precious, and users don’t wish to waste their precious time over ads that really don’t matter for them. Irrelevant ads that appear on websites distract the user’s mood and make feel them uncomfortable. So Ad blocking helps you to end all such worries.


  1. To enjoy better download speed: Blocking ads will stop all unnecessary texts, images or analytical code that comes with online ads. So, the browser will be free enough to concentrate on loading the actual content of the site which you are looking for. This makes the job much faster and easier.


  1. Avoid Malware: Some ads that appear in the mid of the content may be infectious. They may contain Virus or malware that spoil your system. Many times some illegal sites may try to gather your personal information. The threat of online frauds is also a major factor. By blocking ads you can overcome all these worries and browse without tension.


  1. Keeps your children safe: Sometimes when your children are browsing on the internet you always keep worried about the contents that are displayed. Parents want to keep their children away from ads that are not for them. So choosing to block ads gives children a safe platform to browse and relives the worry of parents.


In spite of all these drawbacks, online ads are important parts of marketing. They are considered to be very necessary as they provide all the revenue required to support online content. Most of the publishers highly depend on the monetary support they gain from advertising to sustain their business. So the website owners must keep a standard to the number and quality of ads displayed on their sites. Displaying great creative ads and user-friendly ads will be appealing to the users and create some positive impression about the website. Non-intrusive ads that may not disturb the users very often can have more appeal to the users and avoid the need of ad blockers. As we have users who are skilled in tuning out ads from contents the only way to keep them engaged is to create ads related to their needs and create a positive impact.