In Chicago


In Chicago This Month

Our work in Chicago this August will also link the energy developed there to the energy that has been established through similar ceremonies in Sedona, Arizona. In 2006, we will be connecting the communication and energy lines with San Francisco, California in March, Tecate, Mexico in May, Independence, Missouri in June and New York City in July. All of these locations will form a “Network” of vibrating energy between them and all other points that have connected to them. One way for all people to connect to this energy (especially those that can’t be with us physically) is to send stone bundles to these sites. These sacred objects of Mother Earth’s hold the frequency and energy of the person and the area. By linking them to these ceremonies they act like a spark plug — they begin to fire off energy and the communication lines get connected to all these other points on the planet. As you can see, over time the level of vibration continues to increase, more and more points are connected and the planetary grid becomes stronger and stronger. This is what ancient cultures did. It was constant work to keep everything attuned and in alignment with the elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.